Written by a mother who lost a son, FROM DESPAIR TO HOPE offers help, hope and guidance to those facing the crippling emotions that come with the loss of a child of any age. The author combines suggestions gained from personal experience as well as advice from other parents and experts in their fields. This helpful information is presented in an easy to follow self-help format. The book includes how to handle challenging issues such as marriage, younger children, and special days. The difficult circumstance of suicide is discussed, including how to help siblings after the tragedy. Twenty-six short, concise chapters offer help to parents as they traverse the early period of crippling grief.

Linda Zelik

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Linda Zelik is a retired occupational therapist who specialized in treating hand injuries. Unable to have children, she and her husband felt blessed to be able to adopt two newborns: a girl in 1984 and a boy a year and a half later. Being a family with these two beautiful children was a highlight of their lives. Tragically in 2010, Kevin their 24-year-old son, died in an accident. Linda and her husband have been consoled through witnessing many and varied signs from their son since his passing. Linda wrote a book entitled From Despair to Hope, Survival Guide for Bereaved Parents. Its purpose was to assist other bereaved parents and siblings through their painful grief journeys. Additionally, she details the many signs she has received in hopes that the readers will be open to recognizing signs from their loved ones on the other side.