Hello Again Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi, I wrote you both with a question concerning my indifference toward the drunk driver who killed my daughter, Krystal Duss. And my difficulty in dealing with MADD although I am grateful for all the help they gave my family during the trial. I can not deal with DUI accidents.

I would like both of your insights and Cathy’s. Just so you will know, I have been in grief counseling since about 4 weeks after Krystal was killed. I still go to counseling because it helps me. My counselor has a Phd and has been a safe place for me to go and talk about Krystal’s death, grief and trying to create a “new normal.”

She is not overly concerned about the indifference I feel to the woman who killed Krystal. She said one has to care about someone to feel either anger or love. She said indifference means that you do not even acknowledge the person as having worth. Thank you for Healing the Grieving Heart. You both and your show are a life line for me. With love and gratitude, Jo Ann? (PS I corresponded with Heidi over a previous show and you both kindly put Krystal’s slide show on the Blog. Thank you again!)

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