When times are troubling, how do you handle it?

1: Choose something that makes you smile and makes you happy–then think about it on a daily basis. By thinking about it, it will program into you thinking capability, which will transform into you action, as a result you attitude towards that situation will change.

2: Realize that you are not the only one with unfortunate situations and circumstances, so don’t be so hard on yourself. In most cases, your situation may be small compared to others.

Everyone has some kind of challenge in their life. Everybody is busy with their own life. So you too need to come to the conclusion that it’s all up to you and only you. You have the ability inside of you that can enable you to achieve and change anything situation you want or need to change; all you have to do is use that ability.

Here is how this works.

A thought is a seed that is planted into your mind. Just like anything that is planted, it needs food, or fertilizer to grow. Concerning the mind, the fertilizer allows that thought to linger and fester in your mind. It simply continues to grow. So if the thought is a negative one, it will grow into something that is negative.

You don’t want that to happen.

Therefore, always choose to do something different, but positive; something unusual, but productive for you. Be aggressive in growing your brain and its ability to think increasingly better thoughts that will result in increasingly better choices. Make it a habit to constantly challenge your habits.

Everything begins with a thought, and the desire of wanting to do something brings that thought into play. In other words, if you want to do something very badly, eventually you will find some way to bring it into reality.

Through that desire, action then takes over and makes that thought come into reality. However, in the end, the only thing that counts is action, because action is what makes everything a reality. You can’t achieve anything without any action in your life. Faith without works is dead and any desire requires an action.

You need to know that achievement is the result of your own capability. If you want to resolve any situation, you must act accordingly. However, if you do nothing and wait, thinking someone will come and give you a hand out, chances are they will not come; as a result, you will be left all alone, wondering what happened.

You are not bound by or to your thoughts or your way of thinking. In fact, the choice that you make is the critical element in how and what you will think in the future and what choices will be readily available to you. Choose as you will and it is inevitable that you will become the person you really want to be, living the life you really want to live.

Your thoughts turn into words, so watch your thoughts. They most certainly become your words.

Reality says that there are positives and negatives in all situations. Disappointments, setbacks, losses, and even winnings are all part of life. Accepting the situation and moving forward generates from your thoughts. So be careful of what you say. Use positive words and you surely will overcome any situation.

Carl Mathis 2011

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Carl Mathis

Carl Mathis' wife passed in December of 2005. He was suddenly left with the pain of losing a loved one, the burden of raising three boys on his own, and the challenge of filling both motherly and fatherly roles. Depression set in. He wanted to quit. But in the midst crying out to God for a way to overcome the pain, it was revealed to him that in the process of helping others overcome, he too would triumph and overcome the obstacles of life. If he would have thrown in the towel in 2005, Mathis would have never published his debut novel, "Life is What You Make It: Build a Better Life for You and Your Family," or his upcoming book, "Life is What You Make It: Seven Steps to Moving Forward." In addition to his most recently published works, he also writes feature stories for The Royal Chronicle, his church’s monthly newsletter. Currently serving as a minister and elder at Holy Ghost Tabernacle Ministries in Goulds, FL, Mathis is no stranger to work in the ministry. Besides teaching bible classes, he spends a significant amount of time volunteering with Shepherds Care, an outreach program designed to help those in need and the homeless. Mathis is also furthering his theological studies through the National Alliances of Progressive Churches. Together with his charisma and determination to see people prosper worldwide, he is certainly one of the chosen vessels for a time such as this—a time where people see no hope and give up on dreams. Carl Mathis seeks to not only give people hope and encouragement for a season, but for a lifetime.

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