I Lost the Most Kind Hearted, Passionate and Loving Person I Will Ever Know

?I met Paul Saunders a 25 year old carpenter from Stotfold at a club and we hit it off. The most kind hearted passionate and loving person i will ever know.He was perfect for me. we liked the same things. We went on holiday in January to Lanzarote and that was when we both realised we really were ment to be together. He will always have a place in my heart.He had recently bought a house and we were busy decorating it so that we could move in. Life was perfect, we were so happy. We were going to move in the weekend after he died. All my stuff was packed up and ready to go, the house looked lovely. We would be so happy together.

He was going to propose to me on my 21st birthday which was in June his family told me…

He was hit by a car on the A1 motorway, on April 21st at 02.15 no one really knows why he was walking on the carriageway, it just was not something he would ever have done. So out of character for him. I will never forget the day i recieved a phone call from his mum, i answered thinking it was him.

I had to identitfy his body, part of me died when he did. i will never be the same person, however the stuggle of life goes on and i know happiness will find me agin. To anyone who has lost someone, stay strong and find the hero who has the strenght to carry you onwards.

Remember that they live in you and the people who knew them, they watch over you. In a way you are lucky you have your angel looking after you. Forever they will be guiding you, keepimg you safe.

You will be happy again and you can manage life.
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  • Lucy, I am so sorry for your loss. We will never understand the “whys” of all of this. I lost my 26 year daughter nearly a year ago, a week before her 27th birthday. I was flying out the next week to caddy for her and to celebrate her birthday. And just as you said, part of me is gone too. I know I will never be the same person again. And some of that is good. I have become more sensitive, compassionate, caring and thoughtul. I have learned the importance of love. Some people never learn that…they are so preoccumpied with all the craziness of their lives: their house, their jobs, money and all the things that truly don’t matter. You are so lucky to have experienced such a deep love. You are right…we have our angels looking over us now and we will find joy again in our lives. I will be praying for you. Hugs! Lana

  • Leon says:

    You have such a enduring and admirable soul. There are things that just must be lost, and tragedy seems to seep into the matter and make it worse, but it is something else to have the bravery to continue.

    To hear that you have grown despite when you learn it is refreshing and leaves a smile on those who are in that moment of sadness.

    Despite not having met you, which feels like such a shame, I am very proud of you as a human being. Please continue with those strong positive thoughts.


  • Teresa says:

    Reading your story made me cry. i can relate to you in so many ways. I just lost my fiancee in november of 2007. two months ago. We had just finished remodeling my grandmother’s house and were getting ready to move. The week before we were going to move in , Jason died of a heart attack. He would have celebrated his 28th birthday On Novemeber 26th. We were all ready to start a new life together and then I lost him. I guess in a way im still in shock , he was so much a part of me and i dont really know how to deal with life without him. We were together for four years. He also left behind a 7 yr old daughter, and every time i see her cry it breaks my heart into a million pieces. The only thing that gets me through is knowing that i will one day see him again.