If you want to be terrific, you need to be specific! This is great advice for any venture you may undertake, including learning how to heal your heart after a relationship has ended due to divorce, death or break-up.

Mourning the demise of a relationship is a time of uncertainty, which can be regarded as both a transitional and transformative phase of one’s life. As you move through your fear, figure out the “new you” and learn to be independent, you start to repair your broken heart. You can emerge from this time, stronger and ready and willing to welcome new life and love.

“50 Tips on How To Heal Your Heart After A Relationship Has Ended” is the first in a series of three books, which, when read in totality, can help you heal your heart, look for love in all the right ways, find that special someone and develop a healthy and successful relationship.

The series includes:

VOLUME I: “50 Tips on How To Heal Your Heart After the A Relationship Has Ended

VOLUME 2: “50 Tips on How To Date With Success

VOLUME 3: “35 Tips on How To Enhance Your Relationship

As an added bonus, throughout the books, you will be directed to a related video or essay that the author has published on the subject matter. All of Ellen Gerst’s books are interrelated, so you will also be directed to other titles that delve more deeply into the subject matter being discussed.

Each tip is concise and easy-to-read. You can read all three volumes for a complete picture or just choose the one that corresponds to the place where you find yourself right now, whether it be the healing phase, getting ready to date, or looking to enhance and keep a relationship vibrant. Volume 3 is especially good for new couples who want to establish healthy patterns at the outset of their relationship.

Available in digital format via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Ellen Gerst

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Ellen Gerst is a Life Coach who specializes in grief and relationships, an author, and speaker. Widowed young at the age of 39, she writes from a “been there/done that” perspective. Losing her husband to suicide after 20 years of marriage set her on a path to finding her true self and the inner strength she possessed. She shares both her journey and her perspective on how to move gracefully and successfully through the grief journey. She is the author of “Suddenly Single," which is a compendium of articles covering the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the grief journey. She went on to capture the continuation of her story in the sequel to "Suddenly Single," aptly named: “Love After Loss: Writing The Rest of Your Story.” “Love After Loss” is a blueprint on how one can find new love after the loss of a partner from death, divorce, or break-up. It includes coaching exercises; how to Internet date; and how to have a healthy and successful relationship – all intertwined with true life dating tips and stories. Ellen has penned many other books on coping with grief, as well as others on such subjects as dating and relationships, caregiving for aging parents, spirituality, confidence building, the power of positive thought, suicide awareness, teen pregnancy prevention, fitness and weight loss, and social media and networking. She is also the co-editor of an anthology of real life changing stories, “Thin Threads of Grief & Renewal.” The stories tell of untold grief and how each author found personal renewal after his/her great loss. It is an inspirational volume for those mourning any sort of loss. To listen to Ellen's radio show: Click Here Visit Ellen on her website at http://www.LNGerst.com where she has various free downloads on coping with grief and finding love after loss. Join Ellen on Facebook for every day tips on finding love after loss and coping with grief. Finding Love After Loss http://bit.ly/cxipZ0 Words of Comfort To Pave Your Journey Of Loss http://www.facebook.com/WordsOfComfortToPaveYourJourneyOfLoss