Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday.? We know?for some dads this will be a difficult day.? We know for many there might be feelings of loss and sadness.? Dad’s are?people who like to fix things and losing a loved one cannot be fixed.? As with any holiday we would suggest that you plan your day.? You might want to plan a project like planting a?tree or writing a letter to your child on this special day.? Remember that if you have other children in the family they will be excited about honoring their dad so?take in the?love that they have for you.??If your only child died remember you are and will always be a father.? As you work through your feelings of grief and loss those happy memories of your child’s life will become brighter.? Send us a note and tell us your thoughts and how you plan to spend your day.? Dr’s. Gloria & Heidi
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