NOTE:? For all of you that missed Eric Hipple he will be on the show on March 15th.? Eric was very sorry that he was not able to join us on? February 1st.? Gloria

I was looking forward to listening to your last scheduled guest and hope you can have him on in the near future. I did however get so much out of your own story and your conversation with Heidi.

I so agree with the fact that those who die outside of a hospital or hospice setting get so little immediate support. I too was told by a young offficer at my door and proceeded to cling to him and fall down, get sick and plead with him to make the call to the detective he said I needed to call. (without being told the reason). It was a nightmare. The detective thought I already knew my son had taken his life. He just started asking me questions. When I said- but he’s okay, right?- he said- No, Ma’am -he’s deceased. That was it.

Thank you for sharing your persoanl story with your listeners- I really meant so much.
Kim H.
The Woodlands , Texas

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