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When preparing for the end-of-life, we can create a Legacy of Love providing those we leave behind with a continuing bond through which they can reunite and reconnect with us, easing the painful experience of loss. Musical Memories are a powerful component of this and a direct way to help alleviate such grief. By bequeathing a special song, to be presented as a gift after our death, we can create a very sincere and powerful reminder of our love. Songs with hidden messages, empowering or loving lyrics, and a melody that is inspiring, uplifting, calming or comforting are perfect to leave family, friends, spouses and children. The author of a new, soon to be published book, ? A Legacy of Love: Realising the Gift in Goodbye? is researching this idea, seeking example songs that you might choose. To participate please send the following information to: rebecca@legacyoflovebook.com

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