Almost 4 weeks ago my 4 year old son drowned in a town sponsered rec program. He was found under the dock. They wouldnt allow them to wear life jackets because there were too many kids. The dock was shaped like a lower case h where the kids are only supposed to be in the shallow u end. I cant find the words or strength to move on. He was my best friend, His 5 year old brother was with him and had to watch the whole thing. In Massachusetts for every 10 kids there needs to be 1 lifegaurd. There were over 40 kids and 2 life gaurds. I just cant get over the fact that he was looking for me for help. We will lose our house and everything else because I cant even think of working for anything other than child safety again.? Please help. His name was Christian Frechette from Sturbridge MASS. C



Dear Derek,
Our heart goes out to you. One month is such a short time.? It may be time for you to turn to your friends, family, and possibly your religious community for help and support.? Your responses are very normal.? It is our experience that other men have a similar response to loss.? Feelings of? “I should have been there” and? “I want to work to prevent this from happening to others are very normal responses.”? Reach out and let others help you.? Let others know your fears of losing your home.? Continue to tell your story to all that will listen.? Listen to the show and keep in touch.? My husband almost lost his business after Scott’s death but he made it through with the help of friends. He made it and so will you.? We know what you are going through.? We will post your e-mail on our blog.? Others may have helpful comments.? Take care.? Dr. Gloria


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