My grandson Jay

Today has been a really hard day our first Thanksgiving without Jay. He died in an tragic auto accident on June 15, 2010 he was 16 years old. I went to the accident scene something I wish I had not done as did my husband, The way the person told us about his death was so cold and unfeeling. I still have nightmares about it. Sometimes I feel like my heart will break. I just can not accept the fact that I will never see him again.People say it will get easier with time but I am beginning to wonder. I do believe he is in heaven and at peace

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  • Hi,
    please know that he’s smiling and looking down at your family.
    When my nanna died i felt almost the same way. Everybody keeps telling me that It’s okay, that you’ll be with her again . But i just can’t wait. Now my poppa is a widow and it hurts really bad…..But we do know that we will see our past loves in heaven and to never be separeted again!!!

  • Kim Go says:

    Kathy, when we lose a beloved person, it often takes a long time… and even then many people say that it is not about getting over it but getting used to how it is so very different. There is a hole in our hearts where that person used to be. but your great love – it can eventually come back to support you, I know this to be true. The love you have for Jay might take you places and make you do large and beautiful things in his honor.