My wife was the kindest person i ever fell in love with, she would help a person even when she was in pain herself, she loved to cook and she would cook for friends neighbors strangers that was sick or needed a hand. my wife had kidney disease and was on dialysis 3 times a week she was so sick afterwards that she could not walk to the car i had to wheel her out and help her to bed but on days where she felt a little better she wanted to cook for people she would see recipes on tv and want to try those and give to the neightbors.
she would buy gifts at christmas to give to a boy or girl that might not have anything or see a person in a nursing home to talk and give them socks or a hat to wear outside.
My parents could not understand why i would want to stay with a person that was sick and sometimes would yell or throw things at me but i could see it was the pain that she was going through i know that she always loved me and that no matter what i would be there for her.
and it may seem strange that the last 2 years we were seperated but i was with her too after work on weekends any time i could be i did everything i could for her even leaving her to live away to make her happy so when i found her in the apartment i could not believe at first i held her asking her to wake up but i knew she would not i scremed and cried i ran and collapsed finally called 911 crying and screming that my wife is dead, i called my parents and told them and my dad said i am sorry and hung up on me i dont even remember how i went home all the friends and neighbors she helped and 4 people showed up for her funeral and then rushed out of the funeral home without me able to talk about her.she was a loving wife friend and companion that i miss everyday the memories do not fade from my heart people see hate so easily its love that is so hard to see


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