Poem: Oh the Lies I Have Told!

No one knows the pain
That lies behind these smiling eyes
No one sees the tears that are
Buried deep within my heart.

Oh the lies I have told!
I am just fine I say.
When the truth is
I can hardly find my way.

While in my heart the pain
Grows and grows and grows
With the emptiness of loss
That no one really knows.

Over and over
They say time will always heal
When in fact,
The pain is still as real.

It feels like yesterday when I heard those awful words
Today, we lost our little girl.
I will never be the same again
My life is all awhirl.

In timeless space,
My heart is forever broken
Aching from the pain
With words that are never spoken.

Oh, the lies I have told!
I am just fine I say
When the truth is
I cannot find my way.

Lana Golembeski

The Open to Hope Community

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  • Mary Kuhn says:

    This poem really touched my heart. I relate so well. I lost a daughter and granddaughter in April 2007. My smiles are all a lie… My pain hides beneath them. Great job!