Creating a New Normal…After the Death of a Child is the title of Sandy Fox’s new book to help the newly bereaved as well as the seasoned griever find their way through the darkness and into the light again to a life full of happiness and new meaning.

“Learning to rebuild your life by creating a new normal is what most bereaved parents strive for,” Fox said. “This book is full of ideas from those who have been there, and using any of them will give you the practical and emotional support needed to help you learn to live in a world without your child.”

Readers will be able to learn a variety of coping and informational skills; identify how to get through the various holidays; read 10 inspirational stories from those who have been there; delve into the abundant resource section listing many general and specific support groups, web sites and chat rooms; and read a variety of book descriptions and purchase information for other literature in the field.

Over 80 articles deal with such topics as anger, journaling, taking care of yourself, making a marriage work, childess issues, preserving a child’s memory, grief triggers, confronting negative statements, workplace grief, signs from our children and the importance of rituals. Some other topics are recognizing guilt, how men and women grieve, forgiveness, meeting other bereaved parents, suicide, getting through the holidays, going to the cemetery, making new traditions, funeral planning, inspirational music, and the difference between sadness and depression.

One bereaved father, Neil Brenckman, said of Fox’s articles, “I attended The Compassionate Friends National Conference two years ago and heard Sandy’s workshop on coping strategies for surviving parents of only children. The workshop gave us encouagement and inspiration as we continue our difficult journey.”

“My 4-year-old son drowned while visiting at his father’s house last year,” said Alison Starbuck, bereaved mother from South Africa. “Nothing could prepare me for the devastation, confusion, sorrow and pain that I feel. Sandys’ writings, although they make me cry, give me direction, hope and compassions. I don’t feel so along when reading them.”

Sandy’s first book I Have No Intention of Saying Good-bye, which included her own story of grief and survival after the death of her daughter, has led her down many new paths. She does a lot of online writings for her personal blog every week as well as articles for the Open To Hope Foundation site. In addition, she speaks around the country at national grief organization conferences such as The Compassionate Friends, Now Childless and Parents of Murdered Children. She also chaired two national Now Childless conferences in Scottsdale, AZ.

The book can be purchased through Barnes and,,, and any national, local or independent bookstore.

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