I never thought Texas bluebonnets would make me cry
They always were the signs of the beginnings of spring
Late March, early April and your birthday would be coming
April 5th, a time of anticipation and joy

But today, I spotted them along the roadside and they made me cry
I thought of all the photos you took of them
In masses of blue and the pinks and oranges of Indian Paintbrushes
So beautiful, you loved those photos you would sell

Texas Bluebonnets lifted everyone’s spirits
Signaling the start of our Texas spring
Your photos capturing the essence of a new season
Lifting your spirits as well

I hope the Wildflowers are in Heaven for you
For then I will know you are at Peace
I hope they are as beautiful as in your photos
But I never thought Texas bluebonnets would make me cry

Kim H.

In memory of Trevor 4/4/79-2/1/04

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