Whisper Goodnight
Now I’m strapped to the bark of
Innocent trees
While evil angels commit to do their
Evil deeds
They mock the obscenities of
Torturing screams—
And they sing me to silence with their
Sweet lullabies
As fire is already burning
At my side
And all I can do is
Whisper goodnight
As they angels burn down the trees.

Tarah Hipple

Tarah Hipple is an avid student of social work and cognitive behavioral therapy. She was a blog contributor for the Open to Hope Foundation and recently authored her book Tarah’s Song: Words of Survival, a compilation of poems about her journey from tragedy to suffering to survival. Her first-hand accounts of tragedy at a young age are penned in these poems. Tarah used writing and playing the piano as a sort of therapy, and these creative outlets helped Tarah to be able to discuss feelings she had difficulty expressing. Through intense therapy for her post-traumatic stress disorder, Tarah confronted the past and found peace. She now co-presents with her father, Eric Hipple, and speaks about their continued journey of recovery and suicide prevention. Tarah was born in 1993 and resides in Michigan.

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