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Feeling discouraged? Relax and tune into the Open to Hope podcast and hear Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr. Heidi Horsley interview guests with inspiring stories about recovery from loss.

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Julie Strassman: Communicating with Deceased Loved Ones

Posted on January 26, 2023 - by admin

Have you sensed your deceased loved one?  Join Dr’s. Gloria and Heidi Horsley and their guest Julie Strassman Spiritual Counselor and Bereavement Coordinator with Bethesda Hospice Care in St. Louis, […]


Janine P. Salevsky: Nurturing Hope

Posted on January 19, 2023 - by admin

  Are you looking for hope? Join Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley and their guest Janine Salevsky bereaved mother of Natalia for an inspiring story of lasting love, Janie […]


Rob Swymer: Surrendering to Adversity

Posted on January 12, 2023 - by admin

What if your losses were pointing you toward something even bigger? Join Dr. Gloria Horsley and Rob Swymer to learn how loss has allowed him to live a more authentic […]


Barbara J Hopkinson: Spouse Loss On line Dating After Loss

Posted on January 5, 2023 - by admin

Are you considering on-line dating? Join Dr. Gloria Horsley and Dr Frank Powers and guest Barbara Hopkinson for a discussion of using dating apps after spouse loss.  Barbara is founder […]

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Al Johnson: Exploring Spirituality

Posted on December 29, 2022 - by admin

How do you heal a soul crushed by grief? Join Dr. Gloria Horsley and Episcopal Priest Al Johnson, bereaved parent of Nicholas to explore the many pathways of human suffering, […]


Ann J Clark: Recovering Your Authentic Self

Posted on December 22, 2022 - by admin

Feeling that loss has destroyed your world? Join Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley and bereaved parent, Dr. Ann J. Clark to learn how great loss can provide the opportunity to […]


Susan Lax: The Healing Aspects of Grief

Posted on December 15, 2022 - by admin

Join Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley and Spiritual Counselor Susan Lax who was raised in a kibbutz in Israel.  Susan discusses the deaths of her parents and her passion for […]


Harriet Hodgson: Healing Multiple Losses

Posted on December 8, 2022 - by admin

  Have you been coping with multiple losses? Join Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley and their inspirational guest Harriet Hodgson bereaved parent and spouse and author of 44 published books […]


Maryanne O’Hara: Finding Light in the Dark

Posted on December 1, 2022 - by admin

Join Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley and their guest Maryanne O’Hara bereaved mom and the author of LITTLE MATCHES, A MEMOIR OF FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARK. Her story has […]


Jason Gots: Unique Thoughts on Grief

Posted on November 25, 2022 - by admin

Looking for an in-depth dive into sibling loss? Join Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley and Jason Gots bereaved sibling, writer and podcaster.  Jason teaches Narrative Podcasting in Columbia University’s graduate […]