Reliving the night that changed my life forever. A changed I was? not ready to make, yet I was forced to. My son, Kenny, My best friend. Shot not once, not twice, but three times left dying on the street.? While they ran with the only thing that could have kept him warm, his coat. It took me seven years and almost my life, to finish one of the hardest thing in my?life – this book. This is my story of how I struggle to survive after the death of my?child. The cries that was silent for days, weeks, months and years that? raced through my mind. The loss of hope, the loneliness, the?depression, the anger and the suicidal thoughts. Even though I lost my?faith in God, I had no-one that could help me pick of the pieces in my? life but Him, yet I refused to pray. The pain was too hard to bear, to?give it to Him. The pain that ripped apart my body for days as I lay? helplessly screaming silently, and no one heard my screams. One day I? had to let go and let God, I did.? I am surviving after the death of a child and I want you to be too.? Patricia

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