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Thought you might like a ?sneak preview? of ?Space Between Breaths.?? It is truly a documentary of hope after great losses.? Luther and Rosemary Smith have produced a documentary that explains grief from all aspects and then shows us how, like the phoenix, have come out of the ashes of loss to a place called ?hope.??? That space between breaths is where we all are now.? Where do we go from here?? The documentary will show where other parents have been and are ?going.?

There are still tickets available for the premiere.? You may order tickets for the premiere of the documentary “Space Between Breaths” which will be held on May 31, 2007 at the Kentucky Theatre in Lexington , KY. , by emailing or calling (606) 464-3901 for reservations.

You can download the trailer for the documentary “Space Between Breaths” here.

Don?t forget that J.I.M.?s conference will be June 1st.

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