I am writting hoping to get some help 4 month ago my son passed away suddenly at 29 years of age the dr had over prescibed his methodone i am having days when I cry as though I have been cut in half and not sleeping feeling like I dont want to be here anymore people say you have 2 other children but this doesnt ease ones grieve as I dont even know how to help them let alone myself some days I work work work until I drop then break down again all over I just cant except he isnt coming home I dread the nights and some days feel angry and dont mean to be like this having trouble eating and I costantly hear look at the weight you have lost dont you know my heart is broken I dont care anymore Is is like one is walking around with this mask on trying to please eveyone dont cry in front of people be strong please give me some hope I just dont know how to deal with this feel like I am losing my mind

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