An extraordinary $250,000 matching challenge ? made anonymously ?has been received by The Compassionate Friends means that all donations to the Foundation through July 22, 2007 (the final day of TCF?s National Conference in Oklahoma City) will be matched up to $250,000.
??? Normally the minimum gift to TCF Foundation is $5,000, but because of the matching funds from the grant, each gift of $2,500 or more will meet the minimum requirement during the grant period.
??? As always, donors may pledge their gift over a three-year period, so the challenge grant presents an opportunity for donors to participate in TCF Foundation?s endowment fund for less than $850 per year.
??? ?This is a remarkably generous challenge,? said Dave Pellegrin, president of TCF Foundation?s board of trustees. ?Making a gift to TCF Foundation leaves a lasting legacy to The Compassionate Friends in honor of your loved one. Because of this challenge grant, each of us has an opportunity to double the value of our gift by donating or pledging during the grant period.?
??? TCF Foundation was established in 2001 as a supportive organization for The Compassionate Friends. Since that time, individual donations and appreciation of the fund?s investments have increased the endowment balance to over $1,500,000. Annual distributions to The Compassionate Friends, made from the endowment?s earnings, were begun in 2004. As the endowment grows and the annual distributions become larger, they will play an even greater role in ensuring that The Compassionate Friends will be available to serve bereaved families in the future.
??? Rick Yotti, president of the board of directors of The Compassionate Friends said, ?This is an exceptional opportunity for TCF families, chapters, and friends to become first-time donors to TCF Foundation. I hope everyone who is able to will take advantage of this occasion. We want to meet ? or exceed ? this $250,000 challenge so the foundation will receive the full amount of the grant.?
??? If you would like further information before pledging your support, please call or email Sue Snepp, 2007 Challenge Grant Campaign Chair. Sue can be reached at (425) 898-7252 or via email at

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