What is it?
We’re conducting a nation-wide search for real families of all sizes, ethnicities, economic and religious backgrounds that are willing to share their ‘secrets of success’ for a new documentary television series entitled:

Real Families Real Answers

In the show, your real family could be featured with the experts to illustrate what families across the country are doing to not only survive, but thrive in today?s fast paced and ever changing society.

We need you and your family!
What are you looking for?

Our objective is to film real families dealing with real issues who are willing to talk frankly about their experiences. While we intend to focus on the positive rather than the negative, we will not shy away from the difficult issues which families must face to be successful.

Will I be paid?
No. This is a non-profit venture. We believe that sincere volunteers will be most ?natural? in a documentary-style program such as this.

So, what do I do?
It?s easy! Select up to 4 family types from our Episodes List for which you?d like to be cast.
Using the secure online-submission form, submit a brief description of your family, along with contact information.
We will review your information, after which we will contact you.

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