The Earth lost all its color the day you went away
I look around and all I see are different shades of gray
If I to traveled up to space
and looked in the rear view mirror
The Earth would be as pale as the moon
Without you living here.
The forests dull, fields turning brown
All I know each day is that you’re not around.
Bright orange poppies

Amazing color you might see…
But even they look faded…
insignificant to me.
Where did the beauty go? Why can’t I see it?
Why did the world fade away.
It doesn’t look the same, you know
Without you here.
Everywhere I look
I see only that you are not there.
Your sparkle and luster gone from my world.
So I wait….
I can’t imagine how much brighter Heaven is today
Since you took all the colors from Earth with you…
The day you went away.
Green vibrant and alive
Red full of energy
Yellow bursting with warmth and fun
Blue beautiful and endless and the sea.
All faded without you.
Now…only gray
by Sally

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