Hello Gloria!

I was sure that I emailed you this afternoon, but can?t find it in the Sent folder.? Forgive me if I repeat myself here.

Congratulations on expanding your ?ministry? to the bereaved.? It must be a joy to be working with your daughter!? I?ve added your website to the list of favorites that we give out to our clients.? I will be telling folks attending the support group tonight about it also.

Please note that the correct email address for GriefWorks is:? info@griefworks.org or mel@griefworks.org.? We haven?t used the Yahoo address for several years.? Our retired co-founder was kind enough to forward your email to me.? I faxed the Release Form to you this afternoon.

The GriefWorks website is www.griefworks.org .? Our current programs and services are listed there, as well as our books.? After 20+ years of working with children, I put all of the content into a workbook, Our Story.? We self-publish, so it isn?t fancy, but it has some neat activity pages (like inserting treasured memories into a treasure chest) and really touches on some deep grief work.? It is best done with a caring adult.? Writing a ?guide? to go with the workbook is on my list.? The counselors present at the school groups get the training on site.? I really do need to put the ?directions? in writing.? Teen Talk is an 8-week curriculum for teen grief groups.? The 50+ ideas and activities are easily adapted to children and adults, as well as to individual, classroom or family settings.? I?ve had school counselors tell me that it is the most ?user friendly? curriculum they?ve ever seen.? Finding Comfort in God?s Embrace contains 30 meditations and room for journaling.? It was written by Gwen Waller , who is on our GriefWorks staff.

I notice that you have an old GriefWorks Programs and Services flyer on your website.? Attached is the current one ? well it?s good through June.? It?ll soon be time to update.

Our wonderful Exec. Director resigned last October and we are still searching for new leadership.? Do you know anyone with the heart and skills to be captain or our ship?? I?m attaching our ?ad? just in case you?d like to forward it to a person we need to discover!

All the best to you,

Mel Erickson,? RC, CT

Program Director

(253) 333-9420

(800) 850-9420


The mission of GriefWorks is to serve as a bereavement resource providing education

and support for people grieving a death or seeking to understand the grief process

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