On June 15, 1994, I received a call from my Dad. He told me I better get to the hospital, the doctors didn’t think my brother would make it through the day. My heart fell out of my body and I couldn’t breath. I heard something in my Dad’s voice that I couldn’t deny. In someway, I knew that it was the last day my brother, Pat, would be here on earth. I felt as though I was watching a movie in slow motion or someone else’s pain as I watched each one of my brothers and sisters arrive. But to this day I have never seen the grief and sadness that I saw in my Mother. To witness the devastation in my Mother’s eyes, her voice and her body when he took his last breath, changed my life forever. As painful as it was to let him go, we are so blessed to have had the time we did. As a result of the intense grieving process of my brother dying, I wrote a song called “In Time You’ll Smile Again”.

To the one who’s heart has been devastated by the loss of someone you love, my hope is that the song brings deep comfort to your spirit. My prayer is that it brings healing to your heart. My desire is that it reminds you of the awesome honor and joy it is to experience such love and finally to promise you that as painful and unbearable as it is to go through the grief that you will feel peace again. You will feel ease in your body, you’re heart will be lightened and yes, in time you’ll smile again.

It was out of deep pain the Smile again story was born. After the death of my brother, I needed to find a way to deal with my grief. My prayer was that something meaningful would come out of such great loss. The writing of the song led to the vision of my company where our mission is to create music and products that comfort, encourage and inspire those who are experiencing grief. Grief comes in many shapes and sizes but it always lands in the hearty. If you are in need of comfort today I pray you find it, if you have received it, pass it on. With deep love and great encouragement, the Smile Again story continues….

Shine bright,

Dotty Danhour


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