Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to the women’s group at my church, and I realized just how much faith meant to me.  I grew up Catholic, and it was very important to my mother that we go to church.  However, when she was killed, God was the last person I wanted to talk to.  I was so angry that He had “taken” both of my parents!

How could He?  This supposedly loving, kind, merciful God had shown me no kindness or mercy, or so I thought.  Through the next four years, I pushed and pulled away from faith.  Until finally I gave in.

God did not kill my parents.  In fact, He had nothing to do with it.  All He ever wanted was to be there for me as I clawed my way through life.  God became my ally.  He was the one that I could always count on to comfort me and support me.  He had been through loss as well.

Remember when Adam and Eve disobeyed Him? And when He had to watch His only son be brutally torchered, and crucified.  He was the only one who could truly understand my pain.

Looking at Easter, I again thank Him for going ahead of me and surviving loss first-hand.  He truly understands our pain and can offer great comfort if you let Him.  I will not boast to know what you are going through.  I can only offer a piece of my story to provide some comfort that there is life after loss.  Just keep getting through one day at a time.

Peace Be With You.

Lisa Peacock 2011

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Lisa Peacock

Lisa Peacock is the founder of The Peacock Foundation, a life-altering, non-profit organization dedicated to helping grieving and suffering children. Peacock faced hardships at an early age, including the deaths of both parents. In 1987, at age 9, Lisa suffered the loss of her father in a plane crash. Then at 19, her mother died in a car accident. She dealt with depression, anxiety, guilt, and anger. While coping with her situation, she felt a calling to help others who were suffering from traumas. In 2002, The Peacock Foundation was founded. The foundation quickly began programs at South Park in South Central Los Angeles. There we were able to breathe hope in the lives of young children coping with gang violence, sub-level education, a lack of parental involvement, depression, fear, and more. Subsequently, the Foundation began programs all over LA County. The programs are always focused on youth that are coping with traumatic situations that inhibit their development and security. The Peacock Foundation strives to provide the best support care to youth who would otherwise not receive the services we offer. Trauma care for everyone should be a given not a goal. Lisa appeared on the radio show “Healing the Grieving Heart” discussing “Finding Meaning After the Loss of Both Parents.” To hear LIsa being interviewed on this show by Dr. Gloria & Dr. Heidi Horsley, go to the following link:

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