Below is an excerpt from the To Do List in my book Brittany’s Rose.

Just Look Up

I spent many hours looking up at the sky as I drove to and from the hospital to see Brittany. As I did so, I realized why God gave us such a extraordinary roof over our heads.  Still, to this day, the sky brings me great comfort.

Sometimes, “up” is where we look for hope and inspiration. Other times, it could be we just want to feel the freedom of a wide-open space. No matter what time of day or night, the beauties of the sky can overwhelm us. Yes, there are scientific reasons for why the sky is blue, why clouds form, and why we are blessed with the extraordinary Northern Lights; but, nevertheless, these are God’s creations.

Each sunrise and sunset allows us to see astounding images of God’s handiwork. Along with their beauty, they bring a peaceful balance between mind and spirit.

How long has it been since you laid on your back and watched the clouds form animals and silly faces? If you haven’t done it in a while, you should.  It will take you to a place of peace.

At night, you can be amazed by all the twinkling stars and be filled with wonder about how many millions there really are. Think of how breathtaking it must be for astronauts to witness the cosmos from a perspective we can only imagine.

I look up because this is where I find inspiration that I can’t find any other way. If the sky could talk, it would probably say something like this:

“When you walk outside today, just look up. You’ll see me there. I have painted an electrifying canvas that surrounds your world and everything in it. I have the power to lift you up and take you as far as your imagination can reach. I penetrate your soul every day and continually open doors to all that is possible. All you know of life is protected by me and I hold the secrets to what lies beyond.

I am a blue diamond brilliantly cut with the ability to radiate my color back to you, filling you with the astounding force of life. I represent the essence of all  forms of life, and through my baby blues, I send to you my feelings of deep affection.”

If you look at the sky with this message in mind, you will, without a doubt, find yourself sailing away on a cloud or swinging on a star and bringing moonbeams home in a jar. In these moments, you can feel the power of God’s love. It’s therapy for the soul. Once you open up and allow the beauty of the sky to come in, you will feel lighter and lifted up.

As I searched for peace of mind after losing Brittany, I trusted in God’s beautiful sky and all its wonders to carry me through.  I still look up every day and thank God for holding my hand through this devastating experience.   I am finally at peace.

Mary Jane Clayton

Mary Jane Clayton grew up in Florida with her mom, dad, two brothers and a sister. Her family wasn’t real religious in the sense that we went to church every Sunday, but they did believe in God and knew that kindness to others and thanking God for the goodness in their lives were the two most important parts of living. After graduating from high school, she moved to Utah to go to college. While there, she met a man from Provo, Utah whom she later married and they had three wonderful children. After fifteen years of marriage, they ended up going their separate ways. It was now time for a new experience so she and her three children decided to go on a wild adventure and move to Southern California. They have now been in California for almost thirty years. Her new book, Brittany’s Rose, is a tribute to her granddaughter Brittany who lost her life to leukemia two weeks after her fifth birthday. It will take you from heartache to peace of mind as you step into the realm of the unknown and learn to believe. It is the story of her healing journey.

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