My project putting up a new twin website feels like it finally has some completion. It was a year long project for me and I am finally getting back into the groove of my regular work schedule. We are seeing results and new twins in need of support are contacting our organization. I met many wonderful people while doing research to obtain articles on giref, sibling and twin loss.
Please visit:
There are additional resource articles which are not visible without a membership to TTSGI, along with other pages for members only. The web store is now open, and I have put a few affiliate stores. We sell twin t-shirts, jewelry, scrapbooks, books, pins and conference speaker cds. Chat groups on a variety of topics are forming.

As always- if you know a twin who has lost their twin- pass this info on: We just purchased the name also.
Thanks for taking a moment to look at the site – it means a lot to me…a labor of love for sure.

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