Uvalde Murders Trigger Grief

Ever since our daughter died in 2005, I have experienced heartbreak each time I learn of other children who have died.  My own awareness of the depth and breadth of grief links me to each person who has lost a child, whether that child is a policeman, a soldier, or an 8-year-old.  I now know that grief is a wound that takes years to heal.

The senseless killing of the children in Ulvade brings out the motherhood of all human beings. These murders trigger grief for so many. We want to cradle the children and hug the parents.  Those of us who have walked in the moccasins of those whose child died, feel the pain as if we had put our hands in an electric shock.

My way is to pray for everyone involved in the shooting in Uvalde:  the children, the teachers, the parents, the Board of Education, the police, the neighbors……even the man who shot the babies. Everyone for whom the murders trigger grief.

Prayer May Be a Balm

I believe that prayer can change things for the better.  It can help unfold information that can make schools safer.  It can inspire people close to the families of the children who died to say and do things that help heal their broken hearts.  Prayer can even cause the media and politicians to stop thinking about themselves.  It’s like music that calms people whose minds are filled with anger and guilt.

Prayer doesn’t always change the situation, but it can change the way we look at the situation.  Anger makes us choose sides.  Prayer makes us look above the positions of others to a God that knows what to do and how to do it.

Uvalde Children are Martyrs

The children of Uvalde are martyrs in a war of rage that has become normal in the United States.  We are so used to gun violence in our country that we don’t even flinch when we are told “39 people died in Chicago over the weekend.”  The children of Uvalde touched our hearts, made us cry, and made everyone want to do something to stop the killing.

I have seen the power of prayer in my own life.  It helped me get through the death of our daughter.  I learned that when I don’t know what to do, I must kneel. As a country, I think it’s time that we all stop glaring at each other and look up for guidance. Please join me in praying for the dead children of Uvalde.

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Lo Anne Mayer

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