Poem: We Hardly Got To Know You

My Great Grand daughter Raimey Elizabeth Cantrell-Rider, born June 21, 2007, died Dec 31, 2007. I wrote this poem for her and her family.

We hardly got to know you before you passed away.
You were so sweet and beautiful,
As dear as dear can be.

We hardly got to know you before you left this world.
Come back!
We’re really not ready to say goodbye.

We hardly got to know you before your very last breath.
We were so looking forward to knowing you,
and watching you grow and change.

We hardly got to know you before you went away
We will always and forever
Cherish you anyway.

Your simple sweet smile
That subtle baby smell,
Your beautiful face,
with those big beautiful eyes
Your soft creamy skin,
That perky little mouth,
And those perfect tiny fingers and toes.

You were,
Are still,
So very precious.
We will miss you, Oh so much.

Goodbye sweet darling,
We love you still.
By Suzanne Newbro
Edited with her son Cory Bonallo

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