Webinar-Easter; Where is God After Loss?

Pastor Dennis Apple speaks with Dr. Gloria Horsley about death and wondering where God is? Dennis Apple is the bereaved dad of Denny, age 18, who died in 1991 after a brief illness. Dennis counsels couples and individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one. He serves as staff pastor at College Church of Nazarene in Oathe, Kansas where he lives with his wife, Buelah. He is the author of Life After the Death of My Son: What I am Learning.

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  • Laura Vanallen says:

    Hi I am writing this after reading the article about where God is after loss. I lost my 20 year old son Travis 3 years ago to an overdose. I am still deeply incapacitated in grief. The anger and questions that I have towards God don’t help. I don’t feel that God hears my prayers or cares about my pain. People just tell me that it’s all part of his plan and all this does is make me more mad. I haven’t read your book yet but would like to get it. What have you found to be the most healling in looking to God for answers?