Mother’s day is a difficult day for all of us who have lost a child. This what I wrote tonight. May it bring peace to those of us who have lost a child and a new understanding to those who walk by our side.

Mother’s Day is a terrible day for those of us who have lost children. This is my story:

This is the weekend Alicia (my daughter) would be graduating from Grad School at U of Co at Boulder. I wrote this poem tonight in honor or her and all of the other moms who have lost children. I feel like it speaks to all of us who have lost a child and I would be so honored if you would share it with the world. I have been quiet long enough..time to speak out. Mother’s Day is a horrible day for those of us who have lost children..I feel so forgotten and overlooked. I want other moms to know that they are not forgotten or overlooked..that we have children..even though they are angels. They are still our children and we are still moms. I hope you like it..and I expect you will. I think it says it all!

Badge of Courage for Grieving Moms

Such a loss
That no heart should ever know
The loss of a child
It is our soul’s eternal foe.

No one understands
The pain that our heart endures
With the loss of a child
We held once so dear.

When the pain strikes those
Who do not understand
With the loss of a child
We try our best to continue to stand.

Their reverence we have earned
We wear the badge of courage
With the loss of a child
No one should ever judge.

Let the light of our angels
Be a beacon of light
With the loss of a child
To follow within our sight.

We are moms with
So much love in our heart
With the loss of a child
Our angels we will never part.

Let us honor those moms
Whose light shines on and on
With the loss of their child
To win the battle that goes on and on!

My daughter, Alicia, was accidentally killed in a freak accident while hiking in Colorado. She would have earned her PhD in mathematics this May if she had not been killed. She was my only child and I feel so forgotten most of the time. I know other moms feel the same way and we should be honored just like those who have NOT lost children. Especially I wish to honor those mothers who have lost children in battle …the war in Iraq. My heart grieves for those moms as their children have suffered a death just as senseless and unbelievable as my own child’s death. I am just trying to reach out to those moms with hope and to let others understand our horrific grief.

Thank you for listening.

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