Poem: More than You’ll Ever Know

A Poem from Kim H to Trevor

I miss you more than you’ll ever know
The world is not the same without you here
Sadness washes over me without a moments notice
Your presence can be so clear

I wish I could me that Mom again
The one who answered every call
And laughed at all your stories
Who lent the understanding ear

I loved being there for you
I looked forward to all that lay ahead
I wanted the best for you
I lost such a good friend

I still long to see that bright smile
That lit up those Irish eyes
I want to feel the strong hug
I want to hear your contagious laugh

The wait seems so long indeed
Until I can see you again
I just want to be that Mom again
The one who loved you more than you’ll ever know


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  • gloria Horsley says:

    What a beautiful young man. Thank you so much for this special Valentines gift. I feel like I know him. Dr. Gloria