As far as the term “acceptance” goes, I don’t know how the authors are operationally defining this term.? They might be defining it as “realizing that the death is permanent and the person is not going to return.”? What I would like to have more info. on is:? I would like to see the sample broken down more (I need to see the original study).? Possibly those that are still depressed after 6 mos. are those that lost children.? Those that are not depressed might be people who have lost elderly parents.? I think the age of the person that died and their relationship to you makes a big difference on how your coping after 6 mos.? Which is a very short time frame for sibling loss and the loss of a parent.? There’s a lot in this article about how a sudden death is actually harder then an illness b/c people begin the grief process before the death.? As we know that hasn’t been our experience in interviewing bereaved parents.? Again, maybe people that have elderly parents that are ill begin their grief process before the death.? But, on our show we have found that parents never ever lose hope and always believe in their heart of hearts that by some miracle their children will recover, that is until they actually take their very last breath…….
Heidi Horsley, PsyD, LMSW, MS
Columbia University – Adjunct Professor
Radio Show CO-Host –
FDNY-CSU/Columbia University Family Guidance Program –


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