The scientific study that is referred to in this article is NOT scientific. I do not know how this study was conducted nor is that important, but the conclusions drawn are erroneous. How can you measure the depth of grief? One cannot say that dealing with grief after a sudden loss is more difficult than dealing with loss after illness. The only way you could know that is if one lost the same loved one in both ways-which of course is impossible. A person who lost a loved one after a long illness may look at someone else?s sudden loss as a blessing. The loved one didn?t have to suffer.

There are many stages of grief and they are not always in sequential order. They can also occur at the same time and one in grief may feel he/she has moved to the acceptance stage and then return to the stage of anger.It is inaccurate to say that most people move to the stage of acceptance after six months.Grief is a journey which is different for everyone. I find that this article and study belittles the feeling of grief and the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects associated with it.

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