TuckerThey say you’re in Heaven
To comfort, I guess.
Don’t they know that
Your presence we miss?

In God we take solace
Each and every day,
But our loss of you hurts us anyway.

We only got to enjoy you for a little while.
Humor and laughter were definitely your style.
Your animals, Buddy, Postulio and Sushi are still here.
What they are thinking isn’t quite clear.
Our memories of you are never ending.
But certainly don’t replace time together we were spending.

Remnants of you litter our house.
Not a thing has been changed
In hopes of your return.
But, somehow we know the reality of it all
And the hope in our hearts once again starts to fall.

We look to the heavens and
Search through the clouds
For images of you.
But, alas, we have found not even a few.

The men in the house keep a stiff upper lip.
Their tears are held back,
Though it pains like a whip.
Your mother grieves differently for the boy that she lost,
And her tears flow quite freely at any cost.

The pain that we endure hasn’t lost its intensity
For in our hearts you will always be.
Our lives without you will never be the same
As a year now has passed
And time has not tamed.

You will always be
Forever loved and never forgotten.
Tucker, we miss you tremendously.

Dad, Mom, Ty, Kane, Mark, Grandma Groeger, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and Friends

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