After Death Contact Keeps Wife Connected to Soul Mate

After my husband’s death, I looked for ways to continue our love.  I looked for ways to stay connected to him beyond the veil.  I wanted to understand death and dying.  I searched for ways for us to stay connected through our love, and for ways that we could still communicate.

I read about ADC’s, which stands for after death communications.  I prayed that Eddie would still let me know that he was with me, and that he still loved me; that was the only way that I was going to survive my walk alone.

I now believe that our loved ones are able to communicate with us if we remain open the possibilities.  I am one of the lucky ones.  I have received and continue to receive many after death communications from him.

I can remember the very first ADC that I received from him; it remains vivid in my mind.  One sunny afternoon only a few weeks after my husband’s death, my daughter, my granddaughter, and I were standing in our driveway.  I was saying good-bye to them after one of their many visits with me.  It was always sad for me to say good-bye to them, and return to the empty house.  I would try and keep my composure until they were on their way; then I would put the garage door down and cry.

We were standing in the driveway saying our good-byes, and a butterfly was flitting around us.  My granddaughter was taken by the beauty of the butterfly.  We stood there talking and watching the butterfly fly by, then return to us.  I don’t know what made me do it but I put my hand out and told my granddaughter that the butterfly would land on my hand.  I told her that it was a sign from Grandpa.

I can only wonder what ever made me say that.  We all laughed; after all, Grandma never had a butterfly land on her hand on command before.  But, I felt for certain the butterfly would land as I spoke to it in my mind.

Lo and behold, the butterfly landed on my hand and stayed there for quite some time.  Then, it flew away only to return a short while later.  I again said that if I put my hand out that it would land on my hand again, and amazingly it did.  Again, it stayed on my hand for some time.

We were certain that it was a message from my husband; they often say that butterflies are a sign that our loved ones are around.  My granddaughter wanted the butterfly to land on her hand but instead it flew away and didn’t return.  This was the first ADC that I received.

These communications happen in many ways.  Most importantly, you have to believe in them.  So many people refuse to believe that our loved ones are communicating with us from beyond the veil.  They explain away these communications as mere coincidences or as imaginations run wild.  However, in my heart I know that they are real.

For instance, another common way of communicating is by feathers.  That first year after my husband’s death, as I walked into work, I would find a feather.  I have a box full of feathers.  I even found a feather under my desk at home and there is no logical explanation as to how it got there.  I still work at the same place and I have yet to find a feather as I enter the building.

I keep an immaculate house.  One day, I walked into the bedroom only to find a small paper heart on the carpet.  It wasn’t there before, and I can’t explain how it got there.  But, it made my heart sing because I knew that it was a message from Eddie telling me that he loved me.

These are just two examples of how he has communicated with me.  There have been flashing lights, radio station interruptions, burners on the stove that I can’t turn off (the electronic ignition just kept trying to ignite – Eddie used to love to cook). There was the Grandmother clock that we bought when we were first married, stopping only to start again and then keeping perfect time (it had been running slow.)

I have learned that these are happenings that I can’t share openly with everyone.  I think it is because unless you have lost your spouse, unless you have lost the love of your life, unless you have lost your soul mate, there is no way that you can understand.

No one wants to talk about death.  No one wants to talk about the possibility of after death communications except for those who so desperately want to hear from their loved one.  So, these are things that I hold close to my heart; happenings that allow me to continue my walk alone without the love of my life.

Paula Ezop 2011

Paula Ezop

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Paula M. Ezop is a spirituality commentary columnist. Her inspirational columns Following the Spiritual Soul have appeared in Oconee Today, a South Carolina Scripps Howard publication. They are currently in: Celebrating the Success of the Modern Woman, Esteem Yourself, and Open to Hope. She has contributed to such popular books as Chicken Soup for the Caregivers Soul and she has written the foreword to Whispers of Inspiration, a collection of both poetry and prose gathered from voices around the world. Paula also co-authored a book in the Mommies Line, Spirituality for Mommies. Her Ebook Sparkly Bits of Spiritual Wisdom is available online, it is a collection of her inspirational columns. She has also written Sparkly Bits of Spiritual Wisdom – 29 ½ Ways for Women to Get In Touch With Their Spirits. Closest to her heart is her most recent book, A Widow’s Journey – Healing a Broken Heart. Wiggles Press has published her children’s chapter books, The Adventures of Penelope Star and the Mystery of the Three Dragons, and Lee McKenzie’s Summer to Remember – both are the first in a series. Paula holds the Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Elementary Education from Northeastern Illinois University. Her heartfelt and meaningful writing began as a means to overcome the loss of her husband. Paula has now written hundreds of articles and several books centering on life and faith. Her sustaining philosophy is that “we are more than the woman we see in our mirror.”


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  • Jo says:

    I lost my 34 yr old daughter last April. I was very close to her emotionally because she was disabled and I took care of her every day of her life. I have my “treasures” that I know are her communications with me, I believe God has sent them to comfort me. I journal every night and if there is a treasure that day I put them on my list of them in my journal. I especially look forward to any dream that my daughter is in and that isn’t too often, or I don’t remember. I very much believe in ADC, I don’t think I would be nearly as healed as I am if I didn’t know the possibility of receiving some communication when God feels I need it. The pain is still so intense, I am so thankful to God for this help in my process.

  • Lyndi says:

    Hi Paula, I have been having experiences like that too but I didn’t know they had a name. It’s only been a month since my loss. I miss the attentiveness between us so reading your post reminds me that if I pay attention that there are loving messages all around….especially when I need them the most. Thank you….

  • clotilde says:

    In the early morning hours today, Wed., Feb. 9th, I dreamt of my was the most vivid and longest dream. The highlight of this most recent dream is feeling the warmth of his hand holding mine and and his wonderful kisses. I was on ‘cloud nine’ all day at work and I had wished I could share this dream but I held back as it is too personal and besides no one would understand. Thank you so much for your timely topic and I am much encouraged as I also believe that my beloved has communicated with me in subtle ways (I lost him just 14 months ago).

  • Kekeletso says:

    I lost my fiancee a month ago we were to get married the same month he died, I am so heartbroken it seems like there is no way forward for me without him i loved him so much.

    • Kim says:

      To Everyone that commented:

      I know your pain. I am so sorry that you are going through this. As I write this comment, I am hoping to help myself as I try to help you. My guy & I had a relationship for 10 years. We did not live together, but we shared almost everything together. If he had a watermelon, 1/2 of it was mine. Like some of you I had no idea that there was a name for communication with your deceased loved ones-ADC.
      My boyfriend’s daughter passed away in March after an aggressive bout of breast cancer. Watching him go through all of that grief & watching her suffer was hard for both of us. About 3 months before he transitioned, I was in prayer and meditation ( I was reciting ‘Hail Mary’) & I saw a vision of her. She was trying to get my attention & was yelling something, but I could not hear her only see her actions. I misinterpreted her warning. I never imagined that the warning was about her dad, my Beloved.
      Two months after that, he suffered a stroke & transitioned exactly one month later, in September 2017. He passed 6 months after his daughter passed. I was beside myself in grief, I could not eat, sleep or speak of what happened. I felt as if my world had just crumbled before my eyes.

      I had always meditated & I started getting ADC’s from him. I would feel him close to me, I would hear his voice & I even swear I saw him in a store I was shopping at with my parents. I had a very vivid dream about his funeral where he was trying to tell me certain things & where I saw the behaviour of the some of his family members, things I could not know as I did not attend his funeral. These events were later confirmed by people that attended his funeral. A few of our friends & my mother have also seen him in visions or had dreams about him also.

      Honestly these signs are the only reason that I have been able to ‘live’ again. I also feel like he is encouraging me to live more, to do more, as if he is experiencing life through me & that he knows that I can do it. It is very hard not physically seeing him and talking to him every day as I am used to & there are times that I cry & bawl my eyes out, sometimes I cry myself to sleep.

      I have been taking grief counselling & my counsellor has encouraged me to journal and to write to him. I had been doing that since he was in the hospital and was not conscious. I am very thankful that I have photos and some video and audio of him and us so I can hear his voice. Also listening to Abraham-Hicks videos has helped me tremendously.

      I want to encourage everyone to communicate with your loved one, they are aware of you and the emotions that you have & they want you to be happy and to know that they are with you every step of the way. It is not easy, but if you remember the good times and feel happy about it you can get a glimpse of them or hear them Be open to their messages & be thankful for them. Read as much as you can about ADC & put it into practice. And one more important thing, don’t let anyone tell you that it is not so, I had to limit my conversation with a lot of people concerning my ADC with my guy, not everyone will understand. That is ok, once you understand.
      All the best to everyone and thanks to Paula Ezop for sharing her experience.

  • Vanessa says:

    Paula, I totally understand what you mean when you say that unless you have suffered this kind of loss you cant really believe that this kind of communication can still exist. My Matthew passed unexpectedly only 12 days ago, and as devastated as I am, in my hardest moments when I dont think I can possibly go on, something that is otherwise unexplainable happens that convinces me that he is still with me and is trying to help me in the only ways he can now. On that first night, when I thought I would never be able to breathe again, I had a horrible panic attack that triggered long dormant asthma. I couldnt breathe and was about to call 911 when what felt like a heavy blanket fell on me, and my breathing immediately evened out and I felt this sense of calm fall over me. I can only think that this was him. Not only that but since his death, my cat has started behaving so oddly, waking up out of a deep sleep, looks next to him, hisses and runs out of the room. Or just stares at the ceiling and yowls at it. He has never done things like that before. I think he senses Matthew as well. Lots of other little things. I am afraid to really talk to my family and friends about this, since I am still so shocked and stunned, and so devastated I fear they will think I have lost it. I am so glad to find this site and see stories like yours that make me feel less alone. Thank you for sharing.

  • Chris Mulligan says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on so many of the points you made. We can and do continue the relationships with our loved ones …only differently. They are still with us and they want us to know that. These messages are available to everyone. We just have to be aware and notice them. They will provide us with messages that we will understand; that will make sense to us and what will be important to us individually. These are all comments that make up the heart of my son’s message since he passed in October 2000. He says we have to notice, trust and now see the world through our hearts. I wish you continued noticing and comfort. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  • Theresa says:

    I just lost my fiance on March 13. I am completely lost. He knew the moment we met that we were soul mates. I can’t remember a day that he didn’t tell me what I meant to him. We had the kind of relationship that doesn’t ever happen to most people. We met on Jan 30, 2009 and he wanted to get married in July 2009 and I told him to ask me in one year only because I didn’t want people to think we were nuts. He asked me on April 10,2010 and wanted to get married right away but I wanted to have the big wedding so we had to save for it. We booked our wedding for Jan 30, 2012 because he wanted to get married on the day we met. We never got the chance. I regret not going to the court house that July…..he kept telling me he didn’t want to wait. I will regret it for the rest of my life. Although we were already married in our hearts. I keep praying for signs because I know if there was a way he would reach me. I found his wedding vows on the computer shortly after he passed. I just want to now that we will be together again someday.


    • I am a Korean War vet. Got married in June 1955 just 3 months after our 1st date. Was married for just under 61 years. Lost my wife on April 2016. I just can’t get over it. I have no relatives or children just a couple of friends and I don’t know what to do. i am a Catholic and supposedly when we die we get reunited with our loved ones. I am not suicidal but this loneliness for this one person will not go away.

  • Pooja says:


    Day before yesterday I lost my Dad but some guilt r there my heart as i was so rude wt him he always wanted to talk wt me but just bcoz of my rude nature I behaved so rudely .but now i really wanted to talk to me please,I am begging u all tell some ways so i cn talk to him .

  • Paula says:

    I believe that our loved ones understand the feelings that we face upon their transition, whether they are feelings of guilt, feelings of loss and lonliness, or feelings of great despair – they understand. I can only speak from my experience as to how to connect or speak with our loved ones. I find meditation opens the gateway of communication. Find a peaceful place, quiet the chatter in your mind, and openly speak to your father of the love that you have for him and tell him how you miss him. Be open to hearing his loving words to you, he will speak to you for the spiritual world is filled with love, kindness, and understanding…

  • It has been over 2 years since my wife passed away. I am totally alone in this world. The pain of loneliness is killing me. It’s worse than my bloodly days in combat. I haven’t got a soul as I grow old. I truly do not know if I can go on any longer without my wife.

    • Akram says:

      Irwin, you have to find a friend, there is a woman out there who will love to be with you. Open your heart. Your wife will want you to be happy

  • Paula says:

    Irwin, I’ve been where you are, I’ve been in that dark place of despair, and I’ve felt I couldn’t go on too. It’s not easy to pull yourself out of that place but believe me you can. When I felt that way I told my husband how hard this was for me, I cried like I had never cried before, and I prayed. I prayed for the strength to survive, I prayed for God to help me get out of this dark place of lonliness and despair, and I prayed for Him to put joy in my heart once again. I made myself keep busy, I painted walls, I pulled weeds and worked in the garden, and I kept crying and praying. Eventually, I found my way, it wasn’t easy dealing with the lonliness but I knew that I had to. I do work full time so that got me out of the house during the day, the weekends and holidays were the hardest – but my heart told me that I needed to go on, and I knew that my husband would be by my side… Finding something to fill my time was essential, it helped me cope with the long dark days. I threw myself into my writing, and I know that helped me a lot. The gapping wound in my heart continues to heal, the scar will always be there, but the love that we shared will never leave me, and that is what keeps me going each and every day that I am here without my husband… I miss him every day, and that will never change…But I know we will meet again, and that comforts me when I am down. I do understand what you are going through…being without the love of your life will be the hardest thing that you have to do, but I believe she is still by your side trying to help you get through get through the lonliness… Stay strong, my healing thoughts go out to you… Sometimes speaking to someone about all of this helps, there are a lot of support groups and counselors available, that is always an option to consider because despair and depression effects all areas of your life including your physical health. My heart goes out to you…like I said, “I’ve been there…and I know what you are going through.”

  • Erica says:

    I lost the greatest person I have ever met, my husband almost one month ago. The father of our beautiful 13 year old son. The pain is killing me, and I keep begging God to let this be a horrible dream. God how I would do anything to have him back, I would give my life for him. He was the kindest, most gentle and sensitive person I have ever known. He didn’t deserve this, and I feel like death would be so great for me right now, because I would get to be with him again. But I hear his voice in my mind telling me to take care of our son. I want to know that he’s okay at peace with God in a beautiful place, but I also want him here with us in our home. I continue to beg for a sign, his touch, anything to let me know that he can hear me and see me. I love him so much, he was so good to us, we were so close. The most amazing husband and father. I feel so desperate, I wish I could just have him back.

  • Paula says:

    Erica, for the longest time I thought that my husband would walk through the door and tell me that it was all a mistake, and that he was back. I prayed to God for his return, and told him that I would do anything to have him back. I knew it wasn’t possible but that didn’t stop the thoughts from entering my mind. I know in my heart that you will receive signs from your husband, it could be a song that you shared that suddenly enters your mind, it could be something that you find out of place and you can’t figure out how it got there. You may feel him around you. The love that you share is eternal and connects you in amazing ways. I call it the “Love Connection.” My thoughts are with you, I know how hard this is as I too lost the love of my life, my best friend, and my heart’s inspiration. But, I never lost our love, it remains in my heart, and it is what enables me to move forward each day that I am here without him.

  • Erica says:

    Hi Paula,
    Thank you for your message. I cannot imagine having to live whatever time I may have left of this life without him. I just want him back, I wish there was a way of going back 2 1/2 months. I cannot believe or accept what happened to us. Our son misses him so much too. This is unreal, and I think of him every second of each day. God I love him, I want to know that he’s okay, and I want him here with us. I want to talk to him and touch him whenever I want, I want to feel his hug, he needs to be near us, but I want to make sure he’s at peace. I want him back.

  • joel says:

    I have never been a happy father since the death of my only daughter.i messed her so much.i keep dreaming of her almost every night.I knew she had something she want s to tell me,but i could not hear her.i was frustrated,i saw a testimony of how doctor Jefferson has helped people to talk to their late ones,and this person happens to be my friend,because i saw his name on his post.I called him and he gave me his email address which is [email protected].i contacted him and after the whole preparation,i was able to communicate with my daughter and she told me she had a gold that she kept in the bank and that i should go and get it.And i sold the gold for a huge amount of money thanks to doctor Jefferson.

  • perry says:

    I lost my 40 year husband just a month back and have a 5 year old son. Want to know if I speak to my husband’s soul. I havent dreamt of him after he passed. am totally shattered. I want to speak to him. Pls someone help me.

  • shelly h oward says:

    Hello, my name is shelly. I lost my soul mate, my best friend, m my cancer support. My life on 11-12-13. Bobby was killed I’m a motorcycle accident. I don’t know what to do. I just want him to come home. I promised i would not complain about anything. I promised not to ever argue again just come home. Week as you all know he can’t but i feel he would if he could. I can feel him sometimes telling me I’m going to be ok. .. he always said that. I can feel him say sorry. But i get real scared when i don’t feel him. . I don’t doubt he loved me with all his heart. I do get scared he is leaving me. I just want to hear him tell me He will be with me for ever. I believe but i can’t feel it. Someone please help me know i will see him again and that he will love me forever. I’m 44 Have luekemia he promised i would not sure of cancer i would torture him for ever. I believe him he was right. He gave me a 3 kisses that morning said love you see you tonight. I saw him two hours later laying there looking just like Bobby when he was sleeping.

  • Kim Spencer says:

    Pennies are my sign. 55 in my pool when it was opened in May 2013 after he passed in April 2013. Ha passed at 55 and there were 55 pennies in my pool when the cover was taken off. It didn’t shock me at all. I continue to find them when I’m not looking in the oddest places.

    • Paula says:

      What a beautiful sign, 55 pennies, these are things that keep us going – keep us connected. My husband has been gone for 9 years now, and I still receive signs. I can see him clearly in my mind’s eye and it brings a smile to my face, and warmth to my heart. Spirit never disappoints…

  • prathamesh says:

    I lost my 23 years old wife.I was loving her like anything and I am still loving.I am just 25 years old.
    Can you please tell me ways I can contact her soul?

    • Paula says:

      I wish that there was a set of instructions that would make that connection with your wife, but sadly there isn’t. The connection is through your love for her, the connection to her is in your heart. Know, trust, and believe that her love surrounds you… your love and your memories of her are your connection… Sometimes they send you signs, you might hear a song that you both loved, you might find pennies or feathers, or maybe it will just be a warm feeling within… Dealing with the loss of someone you love so deeply is probably the hardest thing that you will ever have to do – I know it was for me. Ask God for the strength that you need. My thoughts are with you…

  • Suzanne says:

    My soulmate and best friend passed away from lymphoma last Tuesday 10/28. We didn’t live together but when it was clear he was close to the end I went to stay with him. His daughter also flew in and together we cared for him for the last 2 weeks of his life. It was bittersweet knowing that he would no longer have to deal with the pain. But I am heartbroken. When I returned home last Friday, I noticed my agave plant was beginning to put up a stalk. It was not there when I left 2 weeks before. It’s growing at a rate of about 6 inches a day. It’s about 8 feet tall now but it will probably get to be over 20 feet before it blooms and then the plant will die, leaving behind little “pups”. I’m documenting it in pictures. His daughter agreed it is a sign from him. A friend gave me the little plant right around the time I met him in 2006. Another weird thing that happened this morning is that I have 3 pendant lights in my kitchen. One of the lights burned out several months ago and I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it. This morning I was preparing breakfast and happened to be thinking of him,and suddenly the light came on. It’s been on ever since. I also found a beautiful jet-black shiny feather from a crow this morning. My neighbor came over last night and we were talking, and she mentioned white feathers as a sign. Well, typical of my darling, he would send me a black one instead. Had to be different… I miss him so much… 🙁

  • Kasandra Wright says:

    How can I contact you? My soul mate, love of my life committed suicide. I’m so confused and this is the most difficult time in my life. I have had burnt out lights come on and so much more. Thank you.

    • Scott says:

      I also lost what I believe was my soulmate to suicide. It’s been 17 days now. I hadn’t cried in years, but I cry every day now. I have conversations with her in my head, and I don’t know if I’m crazy, but when I ask her questions I get this response saying it’s going to be alright. She pops into my thoughts randomly. At strange times out of the blue. I wish I could describe her smile. No words give it justice. I hope you have found some peace, losing someone you love to suicide is crippling. Everywhere I turn the say it doesn’t truly get better. The “what ifs” are relentless. I no longer fear death. I want to see her, say the things I should have the night she left us. I pray for her. I’m 43 now. I don’t think I have another chance to love again. Not anybody else. I just hope she walks with me the rest of my days.

  • Lana cooke says:

    My soul mate was killed dec.20 2014. If I didn’t think his soul was still with me and we will be together again, I couldn’t go on.

    I have had ADC’s but want more confirmation. The best one was when I was looking at his eyes in a picture on my iPad. Clear and crisp, the song by Nat King Cole, “Merry Christmas” played all the way through. The next day I searched my iPad music and that song was no where on my iPad. I think he was feeling like he ruined Christmas for me even though it was March by then. I love him more everyday and I think he is missing me too.

  • Maxine says:

    I lost my husband/soulmate 2 weeks ago. He has already come to me in dreams, and I feel his presence. Despite the gift of knowing he is near me, I’m still devastated. I miss him so much. I enjoyed reading your post I, too, try to keep my composure around family and friends. I hurt so much right now. I’ve gone through many deaths of loved ones during my life, but this is the hardest.

  • Brandon says:


    I lost my wife a few months ago and boy do I believe I have had some amazing visits from her!

    While my wife was going through her unfortunate illness she would write to the Lord. One particular writing that I came across after her passing was a letter that stated that she wanted to get better so she could walk down the street with her family once again! So every time me and the children do something together I always reflect on that letter she wrote.. We have children that are the ages of 22, 20, 13 and 6!

    One day me and our 13 year old daughter and 6 year old son went to play basketball at our neighborhood park, as we were playing I was thinking of my wife and there mother was able to see us and if she was with us. While we were walking back to the car I was again wondering if she was walking with us, as we got into the car my daughter said “Daddy, there’s a Ladybug crawling up the front of your shirt! I thought.. Ok.. Remembering that I read about something about Ladybugs being some sort of a sign. 2 days later me and my 6 year old son were out raking leaves for some time. I asked him if he wanted to do to the store, as we were walking down the street I wondered again if my wife was with us. My son who was walking being me says, ” Daddy, there’s a Ladybug on the back of your shoulder. I thought Wow! A coincedence! I thought Not. Again, 2 days later I had a contractor come over to put in a new storm door that my wife picked out that wasn’t installed before her passing. As he was finishing installing the door I stood back and was kind of saddened to see how good the door looked along with our New Deck that wasn’t complete either before she passed! I wondered again could she witness her finished home imprivement that she so longed forand all of a sudden out on this big outdoors a Ladybug lands right on my face

    • Brandon says:

      Continued….In this big outdoors a lady bug lands right on my face!! I was overjoyed.. It was like she landed on my face as to say. Yes honey I set it!! I thought that was Sooo great!

  • Brandon Arnold says:

    I love your story and I also agree that if you remain open that confirmation will be granted

    After my wife passed a few months ago I was going through her things and came across one of her many writings to God and it said “She hoped to get better so that she could walk down the street with her family again!!

    I recently read that certain things ( butterflies, ladybugs, birds etc..) can give you confirmation of your loved ones being well and still with you

    As me and our younger 2 Children do things together I always think about what she wrote to God.. On one particular day me, our 6 year old son and 13 year old daughter were at the park playing basketball. I was thinking was my wife able to witness her children playing and was she with us.. As we went to the car my daughter says..”Daddy there’s a Ladybug crawling up the front of your shirt… I thought wow.. Maybe a coincidence? 2 days later me and the 6 year old were raking leaves and we decided to go to the store to get some snacks.. As we walked down the street to the car I thought again about what my wife had written about walking down the street with her family.. My son was behind me as we walked and he said.. ” Daddy, there’s a Ladybug on the back of your shoulder.. Another coincidence? I thought Not!! Another 2 days later, I had a door contractor to come by to install a new storm door my wife had picked out to go along with our new deck that was being built before she passed but was not finished.. As the contractor was installing the door I was seeing how good it looked along with the now finished deck that my wife so longed for.. I thought once again was she with me and if she could she see her new deck and door… Out of no where, a Ladybug lands right on my face… I was outdone!! Almost like she said..”yes baby I see it”!! I thought on my face? But I guess that was appropriate because this time it wasn’t anyone around to let me know there was a Ladybug on me so it had to land on my face so I would know first hand!! It was a lovely feeling!!!

  • S B Sengupta says:

    My wife expired about four months back. I missed her greatly but then she started coming into my dreams and giving me advise on what I should do on various things

  • Mae says:

    I lost my husband 3 months ago…I delivered our baby boy a month before he died. Its really hard for me. I really miss him, I miss his touch. I miss his comfort. I miss everything from him.
    He was in comma abt 15hrs…I talked to him and I knw he was hear me that time, everytime I said I love you and I want him to go back, he response through tears.

    Every minute, every hour, every night I talked to him in my mind….I really miss him.

  • Penny says:

    I lost my soulmate june 2014. He was only 30 years old. I did not know there was a name for such experiences but I have had some that I know was him. I had for the first year feathers in odd places. Even float down infront of me. Just a single white fluffy feather. My first night alone I felt a brush accros my face, it touched my lips and i felt something touch my hand. I cried because I knew it was him. I have had flickering lights, tv switching on or off or changing chanels. I rememeber driving and I was sat in scilence when my radio switched on and a swing song played. My soulmate was a singer/ musician and song writter. He loved to sing swing and could pull off a great frank sinatra. During the first summer without him i found a large butterfly in my hall. I ran away from it into the kitchen but it followed me. I remained in the house fluttering for ages. I did not know butterflies were a sign. Thank you for writtinf this post. It has confirmed my thoughts and feelings that my soulmate is still with me x

  • My husband died on 2/18/16 and about 3 weeks ago i notice that my stove was messed up and my stove is electric and my stove would not turn off even though I turned the knob on off myself my stove stayed on and after a litter while I think about maybe 20 minutes my stove when off by it self and reading your post it know now that it was my husband and other things has happened like restarting the music on my mp3 one of the songs my husband told me he like.And yesterday I took my husband and I son and daughter to buschgardens and right outta no where I looked in my son eyes and i seen my husband eyes it was so amazing

  • Syed Abdul Rahaman says:

    On 06/03/2016 my wife leave this world without saying any thing she was only 32 year old and we have 3 daughters we both love each other so much our love marriage
    Now for me it very difficult to spend life without her I tried so much experiment to connect her soul but it was not possible.
    I want to give details profile of my wife please connect her and tell me about her
    Please for God shake help me.

  • Burma says:

    Thank you for sharing this part of your grief. Lost the love of my life 11/28/15 after 46 years together after a 10 month battle with extremely aggressive cancer. I struggle through each day and try to pay attention to the signs he is around me, but the human in me so misses his physical presence I find some days much more challenging than others. I look forward to rejoining him when my time comes, but still not sure of my earthly path until then. In the meantime I cut myself slack daily as I believe each of us must process this horrible grief experience in their own way and at their own pace. Bless you for sharing your experience.

  • Blair Leblanc says:

    I like your article it help me some I know I’m young I’m 27 years old my wife passed away in may and I miss her dearly , we have a 15 month old daughter and not a day goes by I don’t think of my spouse I miss her so much and I’m always awaiting signs .one day I was crying couldn’t bare the pain the a blue butterfly appeared and stayed around me for about 4 days it first appeared in the kitchen next to a painting and stayed around that day, next day it was up in the children’s bedroom than in the living room and then again on a window next to the kids bedroom . and even today I keep looking for signs, you know what I mean when you know a person is the one well she was mine, my better half, my soul mate

  • egla says:

    Thank you my husband just pass away three months ago and I also can feel him.

  • Fay Shaw says:

    My son passed away about three years ago. We had a special bond. About a week after his death, I was on the phone with my daughter whol was living out of state. Suddenly I smelled the very distinct smell of insulin. My son died in a diabetic coma car accident. We (my daughter and I ) both knew instantly that he was making contact. The kitchen clocked on the stove has not moved in 20 years. Soon after his death the numbers on the clock started flipping through until it landed on 33:33. Another time the clock timer went off and buzzed three times, without being set. Not long after that I walked: in the door after a day at work and noticed that it was flipping through all the numbers again and landed on 11:11. It finally stopped . I kind of miss it.

  • Kanika Maheshwari says:

    i lost my husband 1 yr before..he was just 25 . but i am on the same day till now time has stopped ..i want to meet him any how ..plzz help me..i want to go to him at any cost..sometimes i think to commit suicide.i want to meet him ..but how ??he is no more..but i want him any how

  • Behzad says:

    hello to every one
    its better to say that how can somebody contact or be with the soul gone from this world! … from our 4dimensions world
    there is no science about this
    all of our life is nothing without knowing these methods
    is anyone have knowledge at this point please contact me: [email protected]
    thanks alot

  • Pamela Winmill says:

    My husband passed away 5 months ago we were married for 48 years i have know him since i was 9, i have had many signs like these every day, we always said death would not part us, last week my phone rang there was just a lot of static on the line and a distant voice in the background i put the phone down after 3 minutes and dialed 1471 to see the number that called me, it was my husbands mobile that was on the table, and your right if i talk to anyone they look at me as if im crazy, i talk to him everyday, i know he is still with me. I could tell you many signs i have had but it would take a while x

  • Rational Thinking says:

    Change your locks. See if you keep finding things then.
    Install a CCTV camera, and verify it is a ghost leaving things.

    Mind you, you may be dissapointed with the results.

  • kavita says:

    Hi my name is kavita, about 45 days ago my husband was murdered. We were married 7 years and have 2 kids! He was only 30, we both are! It was really hard on us. It still is! I started to feel like he was around me all the time, once i was crying on the bed and i felt someone sit next to me another time my hand bag fell down i was crying again, then on his 40 days my forehead felt numb for a lil while,that’s where he kisses me when I’m upset and then i was still worried so i asked him to let me know he’s ok, i found a coin and on the coin was the year 1986! Thats the year we were both born!

  • Sherril says:

    I too lost my soulmate and see and hear things that I know are from him. He’ll pop a song in my mind that I’ll look up the lyrics and the message I needed to hear, that spoke to my heart, is perfectly before my eyes. He has appeared in my dreams, each time with a message. I was also fortunate to be connected to 2 different mediums that told me things he and I discussed only in private, that he brought up in each of the sessions! I will never get over the loss of my best friend, my whole world, but knowing there is connection, as I go through this life helps me have faith that we will be together again!

  • lee says:

    I lost my fiance on the 22/08/2016 a day after my birthday our baby is due this month, I am not coping at all I cry day and night I just don’t what to do the thought that he won’t be around when I give birth kills me. It’s really hard I do see him in my dreams this other day he was playing with my tummy talking to our baby, for once in my life I am not scared of death, I would do anything to bring him baq again. I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna go through this life time without him he was 31 and I had just turned 29 on the 21/08/2016 it’s really hard I miss him soo bad

  • Emma Abroue says:

    Oh my God I’m not alone!! My Mr and I still have our relationship thriving his ADC’s

  • Kate says:

    The night my husband died I dreamed I was sittin next to him in bed and he told me he was fine.He was mad I called the ambulance. Did he know he was dead? My fear is he does not know where he is and is lost and alone like me.

  • Ashneel says:

    I really want to communicate with my wife who passed away on 16-02-2017. She was going to celebrate her 26th birthday on 04-05-2017. I have a 3 year old daughter who misses her mum as well.
    As for me, my wife, Mrs. Priyanka Chandra, was my strength. I have lost my life as I always said that my wife is my life. Oh God I love sooo much, it’s been 3 months now Jaan that you have left me but my life has been stuck on the 16th of February. I can’t go to work, I can’t smile, I can’t concentrate and I can’t believe that God has taken you away from me Jaan.
    Please come back, at least come and talk to me so that I can have that strength again. I Need you baby, I told you that you are my need. Life seems impossible without you. I can’t manage things without you mumma.
    I need you Jaan, please come back. God can’t be doing this to me..he has to change this reality. I have never thought bad of anyone then why me God, why me? Please don’t do this to me. I Need my wife so much.
    Priyanka, if you can’t come to me then just take me with you. Remember you promised me that you’ll never leave me and that we’ll die together? Then why did you go without me? Please come back to your idiot. I love you so much Jaan.
    People are thinking that I have lost it and i have become a joke for everyone. Please come back and lets live our life as we did before. I’ll never bother you for anything, instead I’ll do all the housework after I return from work.
    Please come back for your daughter and your pagla.
    God please send her back, I need her more than you do.

    • Bron says:

      I can relate to everyone’s pain here. My fiancé sends signs in the way of blue fairy wren birds 😊
      We used to love watching them, as they were always in a pair, always together, just like we were.
      I’ve had fairy wren birds hop right up to me and chirp , as if it’s talking to me.
      I trust he’s talking to me through them, and I treasure these experiences.


    i m hritika bhandari.
    my father was die on 2017 may 1st . so i want to connect with him to talk
    that’s is fact? can we talk with soul.
    help me

  • Matthew Hall says:

    Hi. My name is Matthew, and I am 29. My fiance just passed away two days ago. Her name was Holly and she was 27. We have two beautiful baby boys and this November would have been 9years of us being together. I fully understand when you describe the pain in the loss of a soulmate. This has been the hardest couple of days of my life and I find myself blaming myself for things and questioning God and reasons why this happened. Reading your post has made me feel somewhat better and I pray that I too may be comforted by these small happenings and even If not, I pray that she is happy wherever she may be.

  • Bratati Mitra says:

    I ‘m Bratati. I had lost my Mom on June 28th 2014. Till now , I am searching for her but I could not. Please if you have any idea then tell where she is now and how she is? Why she had committed suicide? Please let me know , because I don’t have any medium to connect her.

  • Walter K. Bauland says:

    Thank you

  • Karin says:

    Hi Paula

    I wanted to share my experience of a adc if I may. I lost my beautiful soulmate two weeks ago.
    There have been so many signs of adc. But today stood out for me and I want to share with your readers.

    I am not big on social media, however I do go onto my Facebook page from time to time. Today I went into my Facebook page. Two very relevent songs had been posted. Both had been ‘Liked’ by a well known medium (don’t ask me how he got onto my Facebook page!) The first song was by an artist my partner loved. the artist’s name was Conway Twitty, my partners name was Joel

    The second song was by a firm favorite of my partner, his name was Jim Reeves, he was singing ‘🎶hello darling’ The date on the clip was 1964. My partner was born in 1964.

    Tonight I had a vivid beautiful dream about my beautiful partner. He was with me, kissing me, so beautifully, the way he used to kiss me when he was alive. It felt very real. I woke up and sat up amazed at how wonderful I felt, and with that a bright bright light moved past my window, shining into my bedroom. I’m not sure where the light came from. I am on the third floor of a building.

    Thought I’d share today’s experience. I love that my partner is still with me. I loved him more than life itself. We were soul mates. I remember him sending me a letter one day in which he concluded that he felt we were one soul living in two bodies. I know he is still with me.
    Best regards

  • Justine says:

    I lost my partner 9weeks ago to a car accident in which I was the driver. I have since been to 3 medium sessions and have made amazing connections with him. He was 31 and I am 32. We were together only 8 months but time means nothing, he was absolutely my soul mate. We were very much in love and lived together for 6 of those 8months. We built 2 businesses together and just loved the same things. We were absolutely connected on more than a physical level. I’ve since found out that he is my spirit guide and constantly with me…..I often smell his cologne and always talk to his picture.

  • Dear Madam, My wife name is Vallikannu who died on 17 July 2017. I am always very keen to contact and writing to souls and they used to reply through my mind/writing. I am Swaminathan who is writing this message from Sivagangai town , Tamil Nadu, India. After her death, she is talking to me in my mind and also by writing. I want to make sure that my wife is talking to me or some other soul. Please let me know that how to find out whether she is my wife vallikanu or some other soul. But she says that she is vallikannu. Please assist. I was working in the Middle East for 25 yrs as an Administrator but I am living below the poverty line due to my charity to the relative marriages and parents. Again I am looking for job in Dubai whether I will find the job. my age is 63. Please assist. I can not pay you since I am living under poverty.

  • Manoj says:

    Hello Paula,
    I am manoj, from india i regret that i lost my love of life my wife with blood cancer recently in sept 2017. I am depressed down and out i want her badly is there way that i can communicate with her if she is doing good and happy and her soul is rested in peace. Please help me

  • Elizabeth Geevar says:


    Death has been chasing my hubby right from 2009. A severe resistant strain of typhoid for 2 months. Then a major accident in 2013, a second major accident in 2016 which left him with w seat belt injury on his right appendicular stomach.
    After that he had severe stomach aches. Initially misdiagnozed as appendicitis, the extent of intenstinal tissue damage was found only during his surgery on sep 15 2017. 6 inches of intestine removed but he died of sepsis on 17th sep. He was 42. A staunch believer of God. Ever praying..ever praying. Now i am left with nothing and none. We dont have kids. I dont find a reason to live or a way to die.
    But something happened. I cant tolerate hands and feet get very cold. I had to travel in an AC compartment with 104 fever. After his death too i continue messaging his number on whatsapp like always. Before journey i messaged him to keep me safe and keep me warm. The compartment as expected was freezing cold. The train just started. The AC VENT right above my head shortcircuited and it was heavy smoke. Soon fire too. We were all evacuated to the nearby compartment and brought back to the same place after an hour. Since the train was full we couldnt be accommodated else where. But the ACs were switched off for safety. I was warm until i reached my place. I know it was him. He usually puts my hands and legs inbetween his to keep me warm. I know it was him. But after his death sadly i have not even had a single dream or saw him.

  • Debbie Clawson says:

    I lost my husbande in 2005. He was my soul mate. We had discussed way before his death. That if one of us died we would try our hardest too communicate with one another. He has always let me know he was with me.

  • Jacquie says:

    Omg, I do understand and relate to every word you wrote i believe with every fiber of my being it’s true. It’s probably a little easier for me to believe, the dead can communicate, because I my first vision (wide awake) 2 years before,while walking across a beach. The vision was our daughters and I, sitting on that beach, watching a sunset remembering him. It was crazy and I quickly pushed it from my mind. But two years later when he had a physical that was abnormal, I remembered and I pushed his doctors to find answers, it was discovered he had stage 4 cancer. I remember one of the first after he passed. I remembering being alarmed and saying to him you’re not here, you died. I don’t remember now our whole conversation, like I need but he was comforting she holding me all through the night. I remember turns the end we were sitting on the ground and both girls were sleeping in our laps. I remember saying to him, you have to go now don’t you? And he responded yes, it’s time, and at that moment my alarm went off to wake me. I know he’s trying to help me through this grieve and help me navigate all those things I have to learn.

  • Carol Anne says:

    Oh wow, I’m so glad you shared your article. Thank you so much. I have been sensitive to after death communications almost my entire life. I am completely at home with them and they are always a comfort to me. Other people’s loved ones and spirits that have guiding messages for me are the ones I hear from the most. I can rarely if ever talk about it except with one friend who completely understands.

    Recently I lost the someone who was closest to me and these communications became more important than ever to me. I was with him when he died, and I remember saying to him mentally, “wait for me at the gate. Good night,” but not goodbye. I knew we’d be in touch and that he’d wait for me for when I join him in my own death.

    I didn’t really understand how deep of a soul level that we were truly connected until the pain of his loss. Before I could really feel him coming through I was visited by the spirit of a woman I have known for many years who insisted that I must not cry. I would have never made it through my grief without her. I might have died of a broken heart. She would sit on my bed and stare into my eyes full of love and compassion. I have never known this woman in the flesh.

    My soul mate came through in signs, and in dreams as my son when he was young, because I always thought of him as my baby. You see, he lived in the form of a cat. He was “my familiar”, as some call their animal soul companions and helpers. Our souls cannot be separated so I have to deal with him being on the other side. We were always telepathic. I can feel him next to me sometimes. The less I cry, the more I seem open to his presence now in spirit. I realize the vastness of time and space. Our lives are the blink of an eye and it is incredible to manage to meet with our soul mates in that time and live with them. It is too much to expect that we end our lives at exactly the same time. So we learn that our bond goes on. The eternity that we spend with them is very long indeed.

    Your story touched me very deeply. How wonderful you and your husband go on in communications. I did have a grandfather that I communicated with especially while my grandmother was still alive. He said he was waiting for her. I tried to tell her that, because she mourned him deeply. When she crossed over I dreamed of them reuniting and standing together watching over the family. Rest assured – you will be reunited with your love. <3

    • Harsha says:

      Hi..I lost my husband on 21 Oct 2017.he dead in a road accident. I m working in other city and my husband working in other city. We love a lot each other.But when the accident happen I in other other city. After his death my father in law called me and say no need to come. till I reached there in 2 hours he not allowed me to see my husband face and he burn his body without my knowledge. Now it’s 13 days pass but still I can’t believe my husband dead. I m totally broken.I love him a lot.dnt know what happen to my husband…what he is thinking …is he missing me somewhere…lot of questions but dnt know the answer…

  • Larissah LeGarde💋 says:

    I just lossed my 29 year old husband to an overdose and he was my soulmate I’m 27 and I’m seven months pregnant with his son which now that he is gone I will call Robert Jr. and we lost a daughter last November at 21weeks an named her Angel so I lost my daughter an husband in less than a year and I’m so shattered and broken I can’t believe it’s real I need his spirit to visit me to tell me it’s ok I’m here I’m sorry an we WILL meet again to be at peace!!😭💔

  • winston says:

    my wife is death 3month ago but she is not meet in my dreams and not contact
    how can i contact to her

  • Anamika says:

    Hi I m 37 years old lost my husband in car accident on 4 Th sept 2017 we were being together since I was in 9th standard we went to meet our childhood frends n were returning from there I have 6 years old daughter who was very attached to her father
    I am unable to find pankaj he is no where
    I want to communicate with him
    But don’t know is he with me n my daughter
    Want to know why he left us
    Where is he
    Wat he is doing
    Is he happy without us
    Now wat we should do
    We are unable to live without him
    Plz help

    • Lauren says:

      I suggest that you start talking to your husband and listening. It’s very good to grieve and to cry, but sometimes I have to find a quiet place to give him a chance. Then I’ll see pictures or get ideas about how to accomplish things. Also, I email my husband every day with my thoughts about my grief, what’s going on in my life, and lots of other things. I know we’ll be together very soon when it’s my time. Good luck!

  • NDS says:


    I lost my husband a month back. He was just 34 and was all well. I lost him due to cardiac arrest. I have known him for five years and loved him deeply madly truly. I have a kid too, 6 months old. My hubby loved us a lot but I do not see any signs after he has left us. I want to see him in my dreams everyday but I dont. One thing is there I have lot of strength I do not know how, I have not cried or grieved a lot. But I miss him his smile, hug his voice. How can I reconnect with him

  • Sharon battalia says:

    Just lost my husband last week and feel exactly as u describe, married 28 yrs, he passed at 58, I so wish for the obvious signs that u describe, my heart is so lonely I can’t sleep , even with Xanax , he was my world

  • Wendy Voegelin says:

    Hi Paula

    I read your article above this morning, 18 months after my husband and soul mate suddenly passed away. Like you, I have had many, many ADC communications that defy explanation or reason yet I am in no doubt it is my husband maintaining connection with me. Some of these experiences have been incredible and defy belief, others like yours, involve feathers and butterflies but always deliver a message that he is still with me and that love continues. In turn, I have been able to help others who have lost someone precious. Thank you for your article – I know it was written several years ago but in the way of things where time is a man-made concept, it is but no time at all.

  • Wendy Voegelin says:

    Hi Paula

    I am trying to post a comment but the website link keeps coming back with the message –

    Duplicate comment, looks like you have already said that. I haven’t posted before.

  • Julie says:

    After reading your story I felt so relieved it is normal for me to feel this way , I lost my husband 4 months ago , I dream of him often , but my last dream has me worried I was crying and I seen him with his mom and he was saying he is ready to come home . I’m trying to understand the Dream , I miss him so much, we are high school sweet hearts .. I have been looking for support groups , something I could do online due to I work nights .

  • Lauren Hauser says:

    My husband Jack, soulmate of 34 years passed in July of 2017, just 6 months ago. I have longed to be with him again, even considering taking my own life on occasion. At about a month after his passing, I was walking into a second bedroom where I keep my clothes. We have a tall corner cabinet there on top of which I had placed some small books of mine when we moved in 31 years before which had not been moved or looked at in all those years. I was saying, how in the world will I ever make it through this. Suddenly, one of the books fell on the floor right in front of me with a thud. The title was, “Day by Day,” and when I opened up the jacket, my husband’s name was written there.

    Another time, I was bringing the SUV (his vehicle) around to the front of the house. I didn’t have my cellphone or purse or anything else, just the key. All of a sudden, names of songs appeared, and a song was trying to play. It was “Silver Spring” by Fleetwood Mac, a song that was on HIS cellphone! Besides his song playing — or trying to play — my husband went to school in Silver Spring, MD, and we had visited there to see his old house. We live in Colorado!

    I talk to Jack every day, I email him at least once a day, and I know he’s here. The day he passed, my brother got a very strong message: “Tell her I will always be with her.”

  • I wish could say l have feelings of awareness since my beloved husband died but every day since his passing l really cry, lalways cry out to him please come and let me. Know u are ok but he does’nt l want so much to see him again can you help me to feel at peace feel like my world has finished and life is not the same l just want to know he is ok he passed away August 3 of 2017 we were married for 30 years from his knowledge of his illness he was gone in 3 months please help me to find peace and love over his passing


    Please know that I have had communication with my husband since he suddenly passed away. Some I have proof, some witnesses and tons of stories. I need someone that has been thru this to contact me. soulmate and I have been married 29 years when he passed away. I’ve gotten signs since the first week he passed away…stronger and stronger..

  • Boy I can relate to almost all of these stories. In may 2017 I lost my mom then Oct 52017 I lost my husband then Jan 2018 I lost my sister. I miss my mom & sister very much & wish I had them to help me with the overwhelming grief that I can not get over I met my husband when I was 15 years old he was 18 and from the day we met we were together every day up until that god awful day I woke up & realized he wasn’t with me any longer my whole world shaterd Oct.5 2017 I don’t know how to go on without him I’m so lost & scared to death I haven’t stop crying since he left my side but when I think I can’t handle all this pain any longer & start thinking of ways to beable to go be with my baby I hear him telling that I have to stay here for our kids & grandsons he show’s me in different Way’s he loves & misses me but I’m yet to see him I dream of him but I can’t see his face until the other night I cried myself to sleep yet again but he let me see him that night I guess he knew I really needed him that night . I’m so glad I found this web site tonight because now I know for sure that he can still talk to me thank all of you for sharing your story with me and letting me share with you

  • Chrissie Hopkins says:

    Thankyou for this, fascinating! I too was circled by a butterfly 🦋 days after losing the love ❤️ of my life!

  • Disha says:

    I really feel for my husband we love each other badly. I wish to get same messages from him too. After few days my anniversary is there, missing him to much.

  • Yoli says:

    On March 15 2018 my soulmate died he had a stroke and only lasted one month. I miss him so much On Saturday I was at a birthday party and a song that he used to sing came on. I took that as a sign that he was with me. However the days following I became depressed because I miss his presence Is it selfish to want him around me all the time We made 8 years together and he was a distraction from my every day life. I was told to throw out everything he gave me so I’m not reminded of him but I’m choosing not to It’s frustrating that I know I can’t get what I once had with him.

  • Do the souls of commit suicide keeps what they promise to their lovers to love them forever..and walk after with them always be their sides?

  • Chantal says:

    Finally something that gives me hope my husband is still close.
    It’s been 10 months of pain and despair.
    I cannot stop crying bc I don’t know if he is safe over the rainbow .
    He fought and worked 8 years with 3 cancers , everyday 12 hours at Zales, never complaining til he collapsed from an aneurysm and fought another 42 days to stay alive .
    He was the love of my life.
    Almost 37 years together.. Just us.
    His name was Abraham ( Rami) Menis born in the woods of Rovno at the end of the war.
    I am so broken, so lost without him .
    The kids are faraway and don’t understand.

  • CJay says:

    It is going on three years since my dear Marie left this world. I have had several undeniable ADCs happen since her soul departed. Some are telepathic, some actual physical manifestations. Just this past April (around the 10th), where none were ever planted in my back yard, a beautiful pink tulip appeared. Birds and squirrels do not plant tulips. The reason I know it was a gift from Heaven is that for our entire time together here on this Earth, I would always bring her flowers every week on my way home. She would smile and the room would light up.

    The hardest thing I ever did was saying goodbye to her, but know in my heart that I will be with her again some day.

  • Carol says:

    God moments for sure! Our loved ones communicate through God’s grace! The feathers are a sign of his love & protection! He also loves to leave us love notes from him as well as our loved ones! From birds and butterflies to hearts & such! Everything in this column is exactly how God communicates to those who love him! Sometimes he just likes to remain anonymous! Sometimes he is just waiting for us to acknowledge that it is him! He sends me love notes daily mostly from him! Sometimes from my loved ones! His grace is sufficient & he is creator of all things! Nothing is impossible for him! I love who he is & what he does for us! He truly cares!!! <3

  • Jacqueline Minnis says:

    Hello I loved your story, it was very inspiring to me and in many good ways very helpful. For I recently lost my husband fairly two months ago,and would say I’ve had a few signs of him being around,and showing his is with me and watching over me. My first encounter was, I was was out shopping with his brother to buy him a pair of flip flops and I’d already over spent purchasing 3 doves I wanted to have released to express my love to him as part of his burial ceremony and was low on cash. While his brother was sitting in my car waiting for me to buy and bring him the shoes, Two women walked up to me while I was holding the shoes and looking at note pads and pins and said they searched two other stores in the plaza until they found me and that they was told and lead to me to buy everything I wanted if they could and to give me the rest of the money they had in their pockets. At first I thought it was a prank, until they told me that GOD and a spirit spoke to them and told them to find a lady buying shoes for a man and pay for all I need and give me all they had left and that recently I’ve been very said, crying a lot and feeling alone,and let me know he loves me and he whit me and both told me there names and asked and gave me a biggg! hug. Whit tears rolling down my face thanking God for that message and to please bless the messengers he sent. After calming down I called his brother Angelo out the car to meet them than stared phone calling my husbands family members and telling them what just happened.

  • Linda Vaught says:

    Lost my precious husband–March 20th, 2018. He had bypass surgery, that went well. But(l was not aware of) federal law- you cannot keep all bed rails up, called restraint. While I was at home(to sleep) and on my returning, received call informing me that my husband had fallen out of bed. He broke open his surgery, then had one infection after another. I medavaced him back to Texas, but to late, he had lost 45 pds. He’d been put under anesthesia once to much. HE DIED. A big part of me went with him. I will never fully recover. Just waiting to go to him.
    Of course this law should be changed. Right now I don’t have strength to go up against that mountain. Think about him most of the time.

  • Mark Purcell says:

    Lost my wife 5 years ago. She mostly comes to me by turning on a small light in a special cupboard decorated by her with family heirlooms.
    I had a dream about her last night. In this dream she showed me a silver plack with strange markings on it. She said to me. What do these mean Mark?
    I have no idea what she was trying to tell me. But it was a message for sure.

  • Jenna says:

    My soulmate passed away 6/17/18. Myself and other family and friends have and continue to receive what you call ADC from him. Mostly pennies. Sometimes when I am talking to him I can almost hear him reply. I am trying to make the best of my life, but it is very hard. I just can’t accept the new normal. I always told him I didn’t know what I would do without him and it is so true. I feel like I am just going through the motions, doing what I am supposed to do. I have a home, kids & dogs to take care of. My anxiety is awful, my stomach is a mess, I force myself to eat. I pray that I am not left here with out him for too long, but feel bad about the thought of my kids, family and friends grieving for me. This life, this world is so hard to live in. I am trying to feel our continued connection, I think if I can do that I will be ok. I have put up pictures of him and hung many of his things around the house. I want to surround myself with him. I got a tattoo with his signature and copied bits of love notes that have his ashes and holy water added to the ink. I just read a great book called Journey of Souls that explains about life between lives and have contacted a couple practitioners in my area and might try it. I have an appointment with a medium later this month. I have been reading the work of Emanuel Swedenborg, who talks about marriage continuing after death. I love his message as it is exactly what I believe and what I want. I don’t want to be a widow, I chose to continue to be a wife. My love for him continues to grow. Him passing away didn’t change my love for him to past tense. Loosing your other half has to be one of the most difficult things to live with. I don’t know if I will ever be as happy in this life as I was when he was alive, but I will try to do my best, for him. Love, prayers and hugs to all who share this grief.

  • Paula Long says:

    Dear Paula,
    I too lost my husband some 3 plus years ago and I can’t explain the pain or rather loss I feel. His death was sudden and I beg him to come to me either in dreams or meditation. I miss him morethan words can say. I even have a zip lock bag I keep a shirt of his in that I smell from time to time to feel close to him. I’ve never been so lost. Perhaps you could share with me something motor I could do. I’m utterly lost without him. Please

  • brenda mcintyre says:

    i found this article comforting and i also believe that my husband contacts me from time to time. my husband always worked on racecars in the garage with my son for hours and hours……one day i opened the garage doors and was piling up trash to take out to the cans, a hummingbird flew into the garage and sat on the workbench, flew around the lights on the ceiling and through the racecar frame. i was amazed and could hardly believe it. i told my kids they thought i was crazy. The very next day the hummingbird came back when my son was alone out in the garage and it would not leave he had to gently catch him and put him out, my son was in complete awe. another time i was sitting on my deck, it got a little windy and a grey feather blew right into my hand. i swear i have seen body like visions morphing around corners in my house…. and lastly i had a vivid dream with a man dressed in a white hooded sweatshirt with the same build as my husband come into our bedroom and he sat on our bed

  • Dawn Santoviz says:

    I need help with this is there a certain way to do it? I’m a mess basically slowly killing myself I haven’t showered since a day or 2 before his funeral I just need to know he sees me and still loves me