An Angel From Above seems so far away but yet so close.

She watches from above
Still you feel the angel from above
In your hearts in your sole
An Angel From Above
The love she once gave carries on and never dies.
An Angel From Above
Still apart of her soul is alive in her three children
They are saddened and their hearts are hurting
She prepared them for her having to leave
Taught them to be strong and to survive the heart ache,
and their hearts are hurting of the lost of an angel from above
An Angel From Above
She is no longer with us in person but here in our
Hearts and in our memories we have made with her while she was here with us.
Her love for her kids will never die
They carry that love in their hearts and know it won’t ever die.
An Angel From Above
She knows that her children will always be loved
And will always remember their mom.
From their memories of you and from the memories of their loved one’s have of you
With that there for you will never be forgotten and will always be alive in sprit.
They know you come and see them in their dreams,
to reassure them everything is going to be alright, and know that their mom’s love for them will never die
An Angel From Above Seems so far away,
but yet so close.

N. Manista

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