As you know, I?ve been waiting to hear today?s topic on your show.It was really excellent and I know Eric ?s comments will be a great help to my husband.
One comment to Eric- Our son also showed the physical symptoms at age 16 that your son Jeff did. The depression was caught and he got the help but at the age of 24 he was in that 10% who went a bought a gun to take his life. He was being weaned off an antidepressant by his doctor. So we can?t be too hard on ourselves with the terrible guilt feelings of not feeling we did enough. I applaud your honesty in describing your first reaction during the horrific first year. It helps knowing we are not alone in this journey.And thank you for getting the word out on depression!
Gloria- we are planning to attend the Compassionate Friends Convention in Oklahoma City this summer- so I look forward to meeting you!
Thank you again for a great show-

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