Gloria Horsley

Dr. Gloria Horsley is an internationally known grief expert, psychotherapist, and bereaved parent. She started "Open to Hope" to help the millions in the world with grief. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Nurse Specialist, and has worked in the field of family therapy for over 20 years. Dr. Horsley hosts the syndicated internet radio show, The Grief Blog which is one of the top ranked shows on Health Voice America. She serves the Compassionate Friends in a number of roles including as a Board of Directors, chapter leader, workshop facilitator, and frequently serves as media spokesperson. Dr. Horsley is often called on to present seminars throughout the country. She has made appearances on numerous television and radio programs including "The Today Show," "Montel Williams," and "Sallie Jessie Raphael." In addition, she has authored a number of articles and written several books including Teen Grief Relief with Dr. Heidi Horlsey, and The In-Law Survival Guide.



Coping With Violent Events

At lunch today, a friend asked me if we go to disaster areas when there has been a shooting. I explained to her that disasters are a time that communities […]

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Muriel Williams: Hospice and Donor Organizations in Bermuda

Muriel Williams is a Bermuda native who specializes in organ donation, hospice care and bereavement, serving the country of 65,000 residents and many expatriates who have flocked to the country […]

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Illene Cupit: Grief Camp

The President of the Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC), Illene Cupit, found time to speak with Open to Hope’s Dr. Gloria Horsley during ADEC’s 2015 conference. Cupit is […]

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Open To Hope Inspired by Horsley Family Tragedy

Dr. Gloria Horsley is the founder of the Open to Hope Foundation. She created the non-profit organization after losing her son, Scott, in 1983. “We thought we would never survive,” […]

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Kathie Supiano: Caring Connection

Dr. Kathie Supiano heads the Caring Connections at the University of Utah, and was recently interviewed by Dr. Gloria Horsley during the Association for Death Education and Counseling 2015 conference. […]

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Tips For Handling Grief During the Holidays

Grief hits at the most unexpected times. However, the holidays are a known time when grief comes back like a weight, pushing down on those who have lost children, siblings, […]

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The Vocabulary of Grief

When you’ve lost a child, it can sometimes feel like you’re speaking a different language than everyone else. People ask vague questions like “How are you doing?” or “Is there […]

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You’ll Never Get Over It

In working with hundreds of grieving families over the years, I’ve witnessed how hope survives even the cruelest losses. Parents who have lost a child hope to live a life […]

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Jason Stout: Outward Bound

Many members of Open to Hope have attended Outward Bound’s (aptly named) outdoor sessions, including the Executive Director Gloria’s Horsley’s late son, Scott. Jason Stout has been a part of […]

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Candice Courtney: Rituals

“Ritual is so important, it supports us throughout our lives” including when there is a death in the family, says Candice Courtney of Scottsdale, Arizona, the author of Healing Through […]

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