Sarah Kravits

Sarah Kravits is a writer and teacher who for over 20 years has co-authored the Keys to Success textbook series on college success, published by Pearson Education. In June of 2014, her only sibling and beloved brother was killed in an auto accident when his vehicle was hit head-on by a severely impaired driver. In navigating this loss through self-exploration and writing, she has come to understand judgment -- specifically negative judgment, of one's self as well as of others -- as a paralyzing force that prevents the full realization of who we are and what we are capable of doing. Her website is at www.lifewithoutjudgment.com where she blogs regularly on coping with crisis.


Managing Grief Through the Holidays

It was Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, the first Thanksgiving without my brother, just months after a drunk driver had ended his life. I needed to get some shopping done and […]

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Spider in the Candle Jar

I keep a yoga mat rolled out in a small room in my house. In front of it I have a candle in a jar, with a sticker on the […]

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Loss Changes Everything

I had one of “those days” recently – the kind of day when I feel a subtle but pervasive discomfort, uneasiness, agitation. Trying to feel better, I searched through the […]

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Yes, I’m Still Grieving

If you or someone you care about has ever suffered a painful loss, you’ve likely heard, communicated, or thought something like the following: That earnest wish that a person could […]

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What Loss Has Taught Me: Everybody’s on the Tightrope

The other day, I went out running to clear my head, something I often do in a continuing quest to manage my grief over the loss of my brother a […]

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Why I Can Be Open to Hope

I can’t always hope. But I can be open to it. When people are in mourning, those who care about them often search for some way to help them feel […]

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Denial and Disbelief in Grieving

I was in denial from the first moment. And for a while thereafter. On a sunny Saturday in June, I had just finished a mud run with my son, and […]

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