My beautiful daughter Sara passed away almost 8 years ago. She was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). She was just 19 and turned 20 years old in the hospital. I spent every day and night with her there, only to be relieved when my son or husband would come to visit.
This went on for over five months. She had extensive chemotherapy. Sara went into remission. We were so happy that day. It was Valentine’s Day. It was a special day for the rest of our lives.
After Sara gained some strength, she forced herself to go back to college and was able to get a quarter in. I drove her every day,  as she could barely walk, but she did it. If only it would have lasted.  After a few short months, Sara relapsed.
The doctor said she needed a bone-marrow transplant. So back into the hospital she went for more chemotherapy to get her ready for the transplant. Back to the hospital for me and my family to help take care of her.
This was a nightmare, waiting to find the donor. We finally did, and she had the transplant.
But everything that could go wrong did.
Sara was so strong through out her illness. She endured more pain that I could ever imagine. This awful disease took her life at the age of 21.
Since she passed, our family has had numerous dreams with her. Many seemed like “after-death communications.” We have been blessed by these signs.  Sara is with us. She is stronger than ever now, and helps us in our grief by letting us know she is there.
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Sue Hunt

Sue Hunt is married with one son remaining. Her daughter became ill in 2000 with leukemia, was in and out of hospitals for the year, then had a bone marrow transplant and died due to complications from it a year later.

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