My son, Michael, was born 30 years ago today.  It would have been amazing to see what he would have looked like.   I often dream about what he would be doing with his life.  Married?  Kids?  Or…  still living at home?!?

Well, he is still at home.  His stocking is on my fireplace at Christmas.  His picture is on the mantle and in my home office.  Michael is also at work, in my wallet, and on the internet.  His rap CD, just recently created from old cassette tapes,  is being heard by others for the first time.  And people who never had the opportunity to know him, feel that their lives have been blessed through him.

So I do see what Michael looks like on this special day, his 30th birthday.   Together, we continue to share a story.  He helps me to grow and evolve from within. He is there to guide me when I feel down and there to celebrate my successes.  He has blessed my family tremendously by helping them to heal.  Michael has a powerful presence in the lives of my friends, many of whom feel that they know him without ever having met him.

I can truly say that this is the first time in 12 years, that I feel at peace on his birthday.  Funny, it’s his birthday, but my son has given me a gift.  Knowing that,  what could I possibly give him today?  Well… I do have the perfect present for him.  It’s what he’s been asking for since July 22, 1998.  It just took time, patience, and a lot of real, hard, life-changing work to get this gift just right.

Today,  I honor and celebrate the life of my son, Michael, by living my own life with more passion, purpose and pride than I had ever imagined.

Happy Birthday, Michael!  You continue to make a difference in my life, and now you do the same for so many others.  In more ways than you and I can imagine.

I love you Michael (Skeeter), my son, my friend, my love!  — Dad

Ron Villano 2011


Ron Villano

Ron Villano, M.S., LMHC, ASAC is the leading expert in working through change. As a father who lost his 17-year old son in an auto accident, he always speaks from the heart. As a licensed psychotherapist and life coach, he counsels others on how to work through difficult times. As a national speaker and author of The Zing, Ron has appeared before sold-out audiences across the country, hosts his own radio show, and is currently featured on the new Verizon FiOS1 network. His funny, captivating and approachable style creates the powerful, life-changing moments you have been looking for. Embrace the Power of Change in your personal and professional life today! To Listen to Ron's Radio show Click Here Visit to listen to his featured interviews and for additional information.

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