I’ve Stopped Looking for Him
by Kim Hodne

I’ve stopped looking for him everywhere
I’m not sure when that happened
I don’t search for him in crowds
Or his car on the road

I’ve stopped looking for him
Biking on the paths
Swimming in the ocean
Skiing down the hills

I’ve stopped watching for him
To pull up the drive way
And run in with a hug
And raid the fridge

I’m not sure when this happened
A sudden turning point?
No, rather a very slow realization
That he is not coming back

I’ve stopped waiting for him
To pick up the phone
And hear his sweet voice
Recounting his week

A movie plays in my head
Of the baby, little boy
Teen and young man
And it’s enough

That I don’t need to search for him
Around every corner
He reaches me in other ways
Always a pleasant surprise

In Memory of Trevor’s birthday 2008

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