I would like to share a fond Memorial Day memory of my deceased mother, Phyllis Jensen.  Mother was a member of the Civic Improvement Club in our small town.  One of her duties was to wire red cellophane poppies on to the white crosses which marked the graves of veterans in our local cemetery.  Faithfully every Memorial Day at 4am in the morning mother and I would dress quickly so as not to wake other family members climb into the Ford pick-up truck and drive to the cemetery where we would meet two or three other women.  Mother would divide up a list of veteran’s names and give each person a map of the plots and by the time the sun rose each cross shown with a bright red poppy. Mother and I had in our own small way honored those who had so faithfully served their country. Even at the tender age of seven my mother taught me that these boys and girls, men and women had stood for something that was greater than themselves.

God Bless our Veterans.

Dr. Gloria

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