I Think of You
By Catherine Punton Wilson

I think of you and start to cry,
It breaks my heart that you had to die.
Your final days were filled with even greater pain,
Each day was a struggle, each night a torment
But never did you complain.
Only did you say ”Mom, I want my Normal Life Back”
As the traumas continued to stack.

I miss you so with all my heart,
I know we’ll never be apart.
I’ll always have memories of You and me
So close, so close.
Pictures I look at
I could jump right in with you
If only, if only I could and be anew

Jesus came down and showed you the way home,
Even though our family wanted you to stay.
I let you go… on that terrible winter night at the emergency room
I was in a fog of gloom
I saw you lying there in no pain…
Only waiting for me to say…
Let Jesus take him completely in his arms….
Then your pain was gone…it is no more,
It was time to spread your wings to soar.

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