I just lost my son November 2, 2006….he like all my children meant the world to me, but he had a different place in my heart. He was my joy and what kept me going and being strong. My son was born early and he had CP severe….a lot of medical problems and such but he always pulled out, he caused a lot of stress in my relationships I guess that is why I gave them the boot all the time. He was a strong little boy and everyone who met him could not forget him, I felt like I was at the wrong funeral when I was there….I new hardly anyone there he touched so many hearts it broke mine more. I am just having a hard time with it, because he asked me to stop taking him to the hospital because his heavenly father wanted him back and it was his time. OK I am not religious I believe in god but that is about it. He was LDS…I did what he wanted and put him on respit and he was happy he told me he was going to die the day he did…the DR said no he wasn’t and just be with him and comfort him, but he was happy/sad. I am lost I guess cause I am not religious and I am lost. I just need someone to talk to I need to be strong and figure out what I am feeling!!


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