I wanted to follow up on the information my colleague recently sent about In Repose.com? I wanted to make sure you know the site launched recently.?

In Repose eases the burden of end-of-life planning by providing a means to record important information about loved ones, such as: Where is the will? What kind of funeral do I want? Where are the financial documents? Who will take care of the pets?
These are questions that people do not like to address, but they are important ones.

Top 10 Reasons to Use In Repose

Safely store information online so that fire, flood, tornado, theft, a hungry dog, grandchildren looking for coloring paper will not stop your wishes from being known and carried out.
Avoid having your family make expensive decisions.
Lessen the grief cycle for loved ones by sharing your wishes ahead of time.
Make your passing as easy and organized as possible for your family.
Get organized and plan for the end of your life now, for free.?
Learn about what to expect from death and dying.?
Leave messages for your loved ones that are too difficult to express when you?re alive.
Give your pets to someone you know would love taking care of them.
Use In Repose as an ice-breaker for discussing the uncomfortable subject of death.
Memorialize your loved ones that have passed.

Below is more information about the site, and I can also put you in touch with the web site creators, who launched the site due to personal losses and the questions they were left with.

Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in a free membership to check out all of the features.



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