Dear Friends,?

As you probably know by now, I started designing jewelry a little over two years ago as therapy during those times when I needed to do something with my grief that was creative and kept my hands busy–something other than typing.? I discovered quite by accident that I had a talent with designing and making jewelry.?

Over the last two years, I have designed and made hundreds of pieces that have been successfully sold in stores in Pacific Palisades where I live.? I design it, make it, stores in Pacific Palisades sell it, and the proceeds go back to the foundation.? This has generated thousands of dollars in funds for the foundation.?? However, the store owners keep 50% of the price of each piece.? This has required that I work extra hard and oftentimes long hours, creating and producing pieces of jewelry that generate between $25 and $200 total for each piece.?

An amazing thing happened . . .?


?? About six months ago, a lady who lives in the Palisades who is in the music business saw several of my pieces in one of the stores and asked the store owner who I was.? He told her about Erika and the foundation, and she contacted me.? We met soon after, and she told me I had a great talent and that she wanted to help the foundation and me.? She then gave the foundation money so that I could design high-end, expensive pieces for her.? She did not put out any conditions, except that she wanted the first two pieces to be made with certain stones she gave to me.? I finished the first piece, a beautiful, delicate necklace (attached), for her and delivered it to her last Friday.? She loved the piece, and then gave me her surprise:? that I get to keep the piece, sell it, and put all of the profits back into the foundation!? I was speechless!? She’s really amazing, generous, and believes in me.?

??? SO, I attach my first high-end piece for you to see.? The person who produced the piece is a top quality jeweler who works with some of the most famous designers.? I am hoping that either you will want to buy it OR you will send this onward and onward and so forth, networking for the foundation, hoping that someone will purchase this beautiful necklace.? If I sell it myself, I don’t have to share the profits with anyone.? Right now a wonderful store on Montana in Santa Monica is displaying the piece, and he loves it.? He is selling this necklace for $4,000.? I will sell it for $3,400.

??? The attached necklace is white gold, .90 total carats of diamonds, 1.8 carats of tsvarite stones around the outside of the pendant, and the center stone is 2.8 carats of tsvarite.? It’s a delicate piece.? The bottom pendant hanging from the necklace can be detached, so you actually get TWO necklaces for the price of one!? In other words, you can wear the necklace with just the flower or attach the pendant and wear it that way.

??? Thanks for taking the time to consider this.? By the way, my company name is Susan Elizabeth Designs.? My second and third pieces are being produced as we speak.? The second one is a gorgeous rose gold ring, and the third one is a pair of earrings in the shape of a flower.? There are three pairs that are all the same:? one with tsvarite stone in the center of the flower and diamonds all around, the second one with pink sapphire in the center, and the third pair with blue sapphire.? I’ll keep you posted when they are done.

Lots of love,

Erika’s Mom


.90 diamonds
1.8 carats tsvarite stones around the outside
Center stone is 2.8 carats of tsvarite

The Erika Whitmore Godwin Foundation and griefHaven
“Where Hope Resides”

15332 Antioch Street, #147
Pacific Palisades, CA? 90272-3628
310-459-1789 *

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