On September 14, 2005 Nick Wilson died in a fire at his mother’s home. While his mother escaped unharmed, this child’s life ended prematurely. His mother never attempted to wake her son, or thought of staying with her child. Her selfish act saved her own life, but cost Nick his. Only days before Nick’s death his father desperately tried to get local law enforcement to check on Nick because of his mother’s abusive nature towards him. Instead he was verbally harassed and threatened by an off duty officer and Nick was never checked on. Nick’s mother has a documented record of child abuse and should not have been allowed to keep Nick away from his father on HIS weekend for visitation. Instead Nick’s dad was turned away and told to leave and no one even attempted to check on the welfare of this child. In result, Nick was killed in a fire that consumed the home where he was sleeping. How does a parent leave a house and go to safety and not worry about the life of her child? Please take the time to sign this petition DEMANDING answers and the truth of WHY everyone except Nick’s father stood by and let this innocent and young life but put out like the fire that claimed him.

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