Look to this day!

It is life, the whole of all life.
In its brief course lies all the realities of existence:
The bliss of growth.

The glory of action.

The splendor of achievement.

Yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow only a vision.
Today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream.
Tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore to this day!
It is the salutation to your future.

If you have to ask what this poem has to do with saying goodbye, read it again.

I have a friend whose mother passed away over a dozen years ago. She grieves for her mother often, I don?t believe a single day goes by that she doesn?t. The lady was someone that I did not know. I am told that she was a wonderful woman. Hard working, family oriented and a true Christian. The lady suffered greatly from cancer for quite some time.

During this time of suffering, the young ladies father was not a particularly kind or considerate person. He has changed in the past several years and has made efforts to repair his relationships with his children. But my friend still holds a grudge.

Some years ago, I met a man by knocking him down when I opened the door to exit a store. I had never seen him before. About a week later I saw him on the side of the road, with his disabled vehicle and elderly father. It was an extremely hot day. I picked them up. Drove the father to their home and then carried the man to a repair shop where he made arrangements for his automobile. I completed my chores and stopped by the garage to check on the progress of the repairs. The vehicle was not to be ready until the following day. I took the man home, stopping at my home on the way to put some groceries in the refridgerator.

The following afternoon the man appeared at my home with his newly repaired vehicle and a nice bunch of cut flowers. I immediately put the flowers into a vase with water. I had a nice warm fuzzy feeling every time I looked at them. After some time they began to wither and dry, the petals became darker. I threw them out. I occasionally thought of them and the memory of how I felt when they were received. I never looked at them and regretted flowers that I had not taken care of or had not enjoyed. I did not grieve for flowers from long ago. I never once looked at that bunch of flowers and thought of flowers from the past.

Live well, be happy, for today is the day that the Lord has given unto you. REJOICE, and be glad in it. We are given this gift from the Lord. Unlike that beautiful bunch of cut flowers, we look past each of these gifts to the woos and regrets of past gifts wasted or badly spent. Think of each day as that bunch of cut flowers. When first received you do all that you can to preserve them and enjoy them each time you glance upon them. As the gift of that day begins to wither and darken, throw them out in preparation for the gift of the new day.

My friend cannot focus on the fact that her mother is no longer in pain. She cannot be glad in the gift of each new day. She knows that her mother is happy and is with her Lord and Savior but she selfishly yearns and wastes today?s flowers by wanting the flowers of yesterday.

Many of us do the same when we think only of tomorrow. We miss opportunities to make today a good memory by striving to make tomorrow a better day. There is no guarantee to any of us that there will even be another bunch of flowers. Yet we will still put those flowers in water and look upon them thinking only of the next bunch. There is no enjoyment in this. As the following bunch arrives they again do not enjoy them but think only of the next.

I am a self educated retired truckdriver that has written speeches and sermons for over three years now. I have ghostwritten several screenplays as well as short story features.

I started a local, monthly newspaper just over a year ago. The community that it serves consists of a population of 437 people. The first issue contained 8 pages, we printed 150 copies of that issue. Eight months later we printed 375 copies of the 24 page newspaper, emailed 24 copies and mailed 48. This publication is supported by advertisements alone and is free to the public. I am quite proud of it.

Although I still edit the newspaper, I am currently only writing 65% of the content.

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